“Joymii - Frisky Celeste masturbating”

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VIEWS 1,596,220 ADDED December 7, 2011
milfyally 3 years ago

CUTE socks

big_greek_dick 3 years ago

this is by FAR the most sexy most beautiful woman i have ever seen..... i wish i could meet her....

Pesti 3 years ago

fucking hot!!! ;D

naughtybitch 3 years ago

i'm so wet right now.. i wish i was there

MUFF_69 3 years ago

@wwII2220 its a joymii mix so they don't get introuble for playing music owned by others

Cattie-Brie 3 years ago


wwll2220 3 years ago

Does anyone know title of that song in back?

santochoa1 3 years ago

UFFFFFFFFF, what perfect girl, mmmmmmmm

Porse 3 years ago

OMG!!! That was HOT!!!

ferko1234 3 years ago

fap fap fap

comesky7788 3 years ago

amazing video

Oojamaflip 3 years ago

The perfect combination of beautiful and uninhibited!

jerseysexx 3 years ago

who is this girl??

4fenix4 4 years ago

I want to lick her pussy!

gotcha123 4 years ago

Love this every time I lay eyes on it.

TacoForPaco 4 years ago

Back here for the 709th time. But I have to say... BRAVA!!! That is all.

KingDick13 4 years ago

GOD DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celeste is so fucking *** of my top 10 favorite vids

TacoForPaco 4 years ago


Pesti 4 years ago

Amazing HOT!!!

ferko1234 4 years ago

i love her pussy and legs

ferko1234 4 years ago


ZigWatchinPorn 4 years ago

now THAT is sexy! and that is the blackest pussy i have ever seen it looks like its wearing black lipstick lol

stopnlisten 4 years ago

OMG... that's AH-MAZE-ING!!!

farve 4 years ago

what a pussy

tthhrrooaatt 4 years ago

she drives me crazy...

tthhrrooaatt 4 years ago

what a wonderful beauty girl with a luxury darklipped pussy

trixtor 4 years ago

my favorite porn star!!!

hugeload 4 years ago

love it when her ass shakes at 5:50

hugeload 4 years ago

i dont mind hair, she is hot

Beast1234 4 years ago

I like when women have just a little hair but not like a forest

xJackoo 4 years ago

I think having that lil spot of hair there is sexy as fuck! She has a gorgeous body so,,, perfect.

AloneNhornyGuy 4 years ago


AloneNhornyGuy 4 years ago

She's faking it. Oh her pussy is *** a

Lakes 4 years ago

Absolute nothing wrong with her pussy. Beautiful girl, Celeste Star.

qweqwe567 4 years ago

Please say, what's the name of song in this video?

up4watevr 4 years ago

uhhh... mascaras supposed to go on the eyes, and not the lips right....

imonmylevel 4 years ago

Her Pussy Is like... black...

Ghosts 4 years ago

She's hot! I love her pussy.

holybad 4 years ago

having a lil patch of fur adds a touch of beauty to the canvas.

Vnezapno 4 years ago

Великолепно! 55

JamesDean 4 years ago

She is Hot ... hairy pussy not that bad ... wher's my razor I can help take it off

bellybuttonpornstar 4 years ago

I love it

masterbaiter678 4 years ago

Shave your pussy! you looked georgous until you first flashed your puss!

biotech 4 years ago

i wanna help xD

LABOY691 4 years ago


javichu111 4 years ago

muy sexy

nichols0vision 4 years ago

She's a true super saiyan.