“American Dad”

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fuckbuddy99 3 years ago

stop choking her asshole

badddog21 1 year ago

The guy that plays roger is pretty solid.

Iamsexyman420 1 year ago

It 's weird that they made this , but seeing a live action Haley get fucked was pretty awesome

opp619 4 years ago

who plays angelina holie

MidWestStud 2 years ago

I always imagines 'Hailey' as having bigger tits, but her ass is just about right. Thanks for sharing. Any chance of seeing the rest of the movie?

Venix 2 years ago

Omg those mouth noises >///<

bigwill14 2 years ago

At least Roger was authentic

alley43 2 years ago

Weird stuff

chriscook 3 years ago

I hate videos where one or both of the partners have a costume on!

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labonita27 3 years ago

That was so hot, from now I love the aliens

flabttm 3 years ago

mmm hot alien daddy

flabttm 3 years ago

whoever the dude is in that fucking alien costume is HOT

horny-babe 3 years ago


demfakez 3 years ago

whaaaaat the fuuuuuck

jeffroffie 3 years ago

Wow hot girl, cums hard. Love her little butt hole.Save the fucking rainforest indeed 24:30. Greenpeace hire this girl for your spokesperson.

Azazel666 3 years ago

I HOPE Seth enjoys this, from a comedic point...

Roadking610 3 years ago

I just watched this for a second time and this is a freaking trip! Absolutely hilarious.

The_Stifmeister 3 years ago

Hahah fucking funny! :D Add me Girls and get Dirty 4 Cam sex and other stuff ;) <3

fuckbuddy99 3 years ago

lamely funny

PAPAVektor 3 years ago

Fucking cornie.this sucks.

CherryBomb22 4 years ago


Endefuld 4 years ago

THAT was funny!!!

eyeslipsface 4 years ago

Is it just me or does Stone look strung out on something?

bigdick41 4 years ago

who plays angelina holie??

LaFemme9 4 years ago

Roger has a beautiful, large cock.

MUFF_69 4 years ago

after you type in *** after the slash put 108988 and thats more of this porno

MUFF_69 4 years ago

*** more of the same porno

pussy_slut 4 years ago


lemay 4 years ago

who's the girl that's playing francine?

jas.porn89 4 years ago

could of been a better ending though:L

jas.porn89 4 years ago

hailey is amazingly hot!!

Alwaysdongmanlystuff 4 years ago

hailey is HOT!

Hellsig 4 years ago


gooaall 4 years ago

roger has no penis , funny tho , this shud be on tv

MmmTerry 4 years ago


Hellsig 4 years ago


jadzia16 4 years ago

As for sex hahaha

dsnbomber 4 years ago

meg? its hailey meg is family guy

HeelLover 4 years ago

wow,will never look at meg and roger the same way again lol,,,*** they had like an extra cumshot,some massive alien amount of cum or something lol :P

Natty1 4 years ago

Fuck that was funny my fav sho when teenager:)

CaptainAwesome 4 years ago

Haley has big tits in the cartoon. The hell is this?

Deicide 4 years ago

thought i'd point out, roger is actually 1600.

kamo2000 4 years ago

Lol... how are they not getting sued for this? I guess Fox might quietly take a payoff for stuff like this. Pretty funny.

unidadey 4 years ago

yes.. yes! it's so hot

TanCock 4 years ago

omg yes!!! :D

dark991988 4 years ago

yes shit just got real lol

xXHunterXx 4 years ago

"Come see me when you wanna save the whales" xD gotta love roger

sexxidad12 4 years ago

LOL this is jst too fucking wierd but nice

wjh55 4 years ago

LOL this is hilarious, especially rodger

Roadking610 4 years ago

"*** essive, Roger?". "I am in Pimp Daddy mode.". Lmfoa!

Roadking610 4 years ago

So funny

thisisthebest 4 years ago

LMFAOo THIS IS the funniest porno ive ever seen lmfaoooooo wheres the rest

Carlosstar 4 years ago

This Is Hot I Cummed Twice >.<

toyboy69 4 years ago

shes hot and funny vid

erdesam74 4 years ago

they should all of them like this one

icarus86 4 years ago

wanna see Family Guy version with people like these ...

freechips39 5 years ago

Funny stuff, great sex, but too long. I wanted to see all the characters get some

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