“Bad teachers ...best vid..”

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st_dot_elsewhere 4 years ago

The first two girls are just trash, especially the second one with the ugly tattoos. But the third--love to take her away and do nothing but fuck for a month. Exactly the kind of body that keeps me cumming!

katgirlsexy 4 years ago

nice movie :)

MikeSage 4 years ago

They spelled Theory wrong in Music Theory..... Bitches...

BestFuckJL 4 years ago

Estamos a ver este vídeo e a foder à grande! Queremos companhia!

sexyaly18 4 years ago

Great fuck

sydney-hotg 4 years ago

i rub my clit n my pussy is wet, just use your cock push my in my wet pussy, feel good !

fox27 4 years ago

I'm a teacher...

IAdoreGirls 4 years ago

Nicole is the best one

chubeoronglua 4 years ago

why?i don't see *** me

Jace911 4 years ago

I guess I'm the first comment, so I should give *** ent worth posting? Don't like the girl in the first one. #2 is ok. #3 is kinky as heck! I gulped at the MILF in 5 cuz quite frankly she's hot! All-in-all "group sex" is a terrible discriptor (someone got lazy), and I noticed that each video shows a progression in boobage and how slutty they get.