“Shy girl learns to fuck hard”

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iwant_tolearn 3 years ago

oWHH tOo smaLL :D

iwant_tolearn 3 years ago


skip955 4 years ago

HOT body! very nice. wanna fuck her

ajunx1986 4 years ago

only in japan you can pick a random girl from the street and then fuck her....

sex_lord 4 years ago

what a tiny dick

sex_lord 4 years ago

i don't understand what they are talking

xDaisuki 4 years ago

This is *** doubt about it. FLAG THIS VIDEO. What a tiny dick the guy has... -.- Poor girl.

Erosaman 4 years ago

Ach... muszę się kiedyś wybrać do Japonii :D

EspectralNeko 4 years ago

That's a penis or a third nipple??

Mr.Pennes 4 years ago

thats no raping watch more jap videos and you see the same reaktion if you read japanese history the woman has a totaly different role in SEX than european american... womans.

FarinhadeOsso 4 years ago

rape. everybody flag and rating this video.

Latin-Angel 4 years ago

Que GONORREA DE VID !!!!!! dam this is very BAD

hagerdy 4 years ago

wtf is this... couldn't finish watching. this should be deleted from such a good site

young420 4 years ago

rape. shes not enjoying it. this is sick

sarahgale90 4 years ago

Seriously, this is fucking rape. Who would film this and put it online for everyone to see? They probably drugged her too, because she doesn't seem fully conscious either. What a sick fuck.

aramartis 4 years ago


RookieRob 4 years ago

did the cameraman hold a gun? it is pretty clear that she doesn´t enyoj it!

sven2272 4 years ago

shes really hot

HardCT 4 years ago

I like the submissive part but she seems like a lousy lay