“Mature mom with hot young teen”

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abtobrk 3 years ago

Ps....love the moaning and sucking sounds:)

abtobrk 3 years ago

omg, best girl/girl vid ever! It was so hot!

juicylez4girls 3 years ago

this was absolutely beautiful, i love older women who what to do

MrsDean 3 years ago

I want that ! ,,,,

JustWoody 3 years ago

Would love to take over the job by "mum" and lick this hot chick...................!

Angie. 3 years ago

Not going to lie, the acting and dialogue at the beginning was really poorly done. But this is still one of my favorite clips ever... Julia Ann is beautiful and the kissing is so passionate <3

SuckMyC0ck 3 years ago

this is so hot

maciejryniewicz9 3 years ago

That film is cool!

maciejryniewicz9 3 years ago

beautiful tits. Awesome mom.

cevap 3 years ago

26 best minutes of my life

Raopriya 3 years ago

I am so horny .....and I am seeking a Indian lesbian....

SugarySweets 3 years ago

Definitely Brea Bennett's best work.

SexyAss12 3 years ago

Wow! My pussy want her so desperately!!!

666MagicMickey666 3 years ago

So.....fucking...hot! <3

slut69 3 years ago

Fucking HOT!!!!!

Techstylez 3 years ago

this video is awesome pussy wanna eat them vaginas real bad

st_dot_elsewhere 3 years ago

I want to be the older one's husband after this scene. Her cunt would be soaked and she would be so horny for a good long hard fucking,

sexylilly_01 3 years ago

makes me so wet ...girls add me

Mari_loz 3 years ago

OMG!...I want one like that

LesbianLily 3 years ago

I wish I could be fucked like that<3..

naughtybitch 3 years ago

She makes me so wet, i would do everything to Julie Ann

Fuddyduddy 3 years ago

Charges pressed for NSF?

BadeyesMotherlover 3 years ago

"Lesbian Psychodramas" : D Both are awesome in this video : ) and this situation, I love this! : D

rafter9010 3 years ago

My wife came on my tongue while she watched this one. yummy

paulramirez665 3 years ago

en momentos como estos, me gustaría ser mujer, hacen parecer como si gozaran más

randy-sandy 3 years ago

love this vid very sexy

carla 3 years ago

I got so turned on by the way the mature moved and licked, would love to be with her

Xota_Nervosa 3 years ago

Julia Ann mais experiente que qualquer homem.

Xota_Nervosa 3 years ago

Amo Chupada na buceta.

wayne4u 3 years ago

I agree, girls. Awesome video. Drained my pipe. Makes a guy wish he was a girl. No wonder eating pussy is one of my favorite things in life. I'm a male lesbian, and proud of it !!!

wannalickmypussy 3 years ago

This is so hot! It makes me so wet I love it!

xxcecexx 3 years ago

this is the sexiest thing i have seen in a long time

Lorac29 3 years ago

I love brea *.*

nymphxi 3 years ago

this is so hot... I want such an expirienced lady do this to me.

iwannabeabadgirl 3 years ago

I had three orgasms while watching this! My fingers are soooo wet!

Emilybear 3 years ago

I wish i had a girl to have sex with like this :(

Pesti 3 years ago

sooo fucking hot!!! :D

00017DC 3 years ago

brea is so hot

tempano69 3 years ago

Me Gustan un monton!, Grrrr!

bi_girl1 3 years ago

would love to join! girls add me

ferchuy80 3 years ago

Que rico que la come Julia!

Derpino1 3 years ago

Julia is so fucking hot.

babelikesboobs 3 years ago

any girl wanna suck my pussy like that?

lezsex 3 years ago

the 'mature' lady is sooo sexy.

coucou 3 years ago

cette petite jeune essai de lui rendre le plaisir que la maman lui a donné, et elle ce debrouille bien.

coucou 3 years ago

magnifique !!!!! la maman c'est y faire avec tendresse et delicatesse .

fuckcpc 3 years ago

wow . i like it .so beautiful!

dickboy54321 3 years ago

so hott

behkk 3 years ago

I'd love to eat those pussies..

Sponge1 3 years ago

i would love a woman to eat me like that!! hot!!

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Chelle89 3 years ago

would luv to fuck a girl like this

vicont11 3 years ago

beautiful girl and beautiful woman. ending is great.

sweets_88 3 years ago


iSd1889 3 years ago

Best lesbian video I've ever seen. So hot & sensual.

Vnezapno 3 years ago


Y-E-SS-E-Y 3 years ago

Que rico XD

AsianBaby 3 years ago

Wanna try it

MyPussyLovesYours 3 years ago

Gorgeous. I'd love to join them and lick & finger their pussies.

elizabeths 3 years ago

this is so hot. i'd love a mature woman like that to take advantage of me. i love the teen just allowing herself to be touched at the start.

stopnlisten 4 years ago

wow... the old chick is SO hot... she'd get it deep!

LisaBeHorny 4 years ago

Sexy!! Can I Join???

wetpuss098 4 years ago

id love to stuffy my pussy in her face mhmmm

deelyte 4 years ago

I'd love to fuck the hot cougar chick. She has nice tits:)

kittybanger 4 years ago

came when she last did. favorite!

Harmi 4 years ago

hot mom

WisconsinBiker 4 years ago

Extremely hot!

newlez24 4 years ago

oh em gee ! my fckn pussy is super wet ! i love how the big boobs lady licks the younger girl . ahhhh !

EmilyRiddles 4 years ago

as soon as the young girl stated getting licked my fingers were already inside me,soo wet right now

evolution21 4 years ago

Brea moans so good

lilpoptart 4 years ago

yummy. can i join you, ladies? please?? :)

smith123 4 years ago

sexy ass blondes

Dirty_Boy 4 years ago

Damn, I need a lesbian girlfriend

SabrinaBriles 4 years ago

damn i'd love to fuck the mature one :)

lotmorethanfun 4 years ago

I love them both. The victim and the cougar!

VSexxxedV 4 years ago

id go gay for her

CKpleaser 4 years ago

I'll bet that young girl loves being with Julia Ann, the epitome of a sexual Goddess.

SlamuKitty 4 years ago

Lesbian psychodramas? Fucking hilarious! Great cunt licking!

Thoruk 4 years ago

........and there is proof once more that sex takes away all problems!!!

polygamylover 4 years ago

Fucking perfect!

NikkiDanielleElder 4 years ago

Oh my GOSH!! So damn HOT

rivera666 4 years ago

I LOVE Julia Ann!

cumnsee113 4 years ago

2 most beautiful pussies ive ever seen!

carolina7 4 years ago

I am so wet, my pussy need...... my fingers are inside me.

GenuineBiBabe 4 years ago

Yes please, very hot!

giulia82 4 years ago

mmmmmmmmm really yummy video,i am not in to blonds...but this video is really hot!!!specially at the end....10 plus i will give it!!!

ILikeTheTasteOfUrCum 4 years ago

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HotLesbian1994 4 years ago

Great video!! I'm very horny and wet now!! Add me girls xD