“Sexy Japanese girl pleasured”

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yeeyee12 4 years ago

hahaha the guy is ugly as and she isnt shaved and sounds rediculous but very attractive

thickpleasure 4 years ago

She is so great

juliovasco 4 years ago

very good , yessssssssssss

ajunx1986 4 years ago

the penetration begin at the last 8 minutes?he's so suck...

gangbanganal 4 years ago

nice girl but the man has damn ugly face!!*** a pity

hornybrian 4 years ago

that dress is amazing! she is so hot. pity shes not shaved though

sexstudies 4 years ago

fuck nice creampied

funsexykitten 4 years ago

She is so sexy but whats up with the bush?

mrxwaligamal 4 years ago

who is this jerk with her what an ugly face

White_Tiger 4 years ago

bush on pussy - disgusting

beboydela 4 years ago

i love u

rhydo 4 years ago

Maria Ozawa

flexible20 4 years ago

i would love to fuck her i would make her moan but with ecstasy

adonis289786 4 years ago

The only thing that I hate about Japanese girls, is that they moan a lot during sex although it´s only for us the Internet sex-adicts. But I have an excuse. I am a handicapped person and I spend a great part of the day using the computer, using the aplications of Office and viewing porn. I agree with torke.

lorke 4 years ago

she deserves a better fuck :)

renomatheraphy 4 years ago

That, my friends is Maria Ozawa. A goddess like her should not be simply addressed as "sexy japanese girl". It's okay to not paying attention to other JAV idols but it's a sin to miss this one! Hahaha!

mario2002 4 years ago

is beautiful...

Enigmax 4 years ago

She's half-japanese, half-dutch... hence her looks. And the tons of moaning is a japanese porn movie thing... Apparently they consider it sexy...

ramusa 4 years ago

I would also like to fuck and creamed off

ohman123 4 years ago

Maria Ojawa

korpus1957 4 years ago

A truly beautiful Asian. I agree that she moans too much like she is not enjoying it. I have been with Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamse and Korean and NONE of them make that sound. Really disappointing that he blew his load on her chest and not inside her.

Anonymous 4 years ago

she's beautiful

CrimsonF 4 years ago

Why almost all Japanese girls moans like suffering and not enjoying it?

DamienLionhart 4 years ago

She doesn't look Japanese at all, lol

ilovert 4 years ago

Au natural. Beautiful.. Loved the cute noises she makes :)

lovely.lady 4 years ago

she's pretty and hot. but it's such a waste that she is a slut.

Mr.Mann 4 years ago

girl is so hot. video is so bad. my dick is confused.

ifuckyoualot 4 years ago

maria ozawa is so freaking hot she has a nice pussy big tits she perfect for fuck

turkishman 4 years ago

nice pussy

wangstein 4 years ago

Well, there's no question they make a better automobile, but please give me a call when the japs apply the same ingenuity to reverse engineering a quality moneyshot.

total-bull 4 years ago

a hairy japanese girl, and a tiny cocked japanese man.. who saw that one coming? hands up! lol shes fucking hot though

Krunk 4 years ago

How that dick is not hard is beyond belief.

lab123 4 years ago

The Sex is Started at 35 minutes !

booboos 4 years ago

lol i thought tha boy was a girl... @pinkklit lol true that xD

DazzaMc 4 years ago

dam she looks good in that blue dress

pinklit 4 years ago

who cries for nothing????? weird.........i soft short cock inside one stupid noisy bitch

pinklit 4 years ago

i think the boy id *** the girl bushy and *** woman..

Framtp 4 years ago

The japanese boy look so stupid xD

Tzunny 4 years ago


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