“Bukkake Gianna Michaels”

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sivazh 3 years ago

I think this was my first ever Gianna video that I saw, and I wasn't sure if I loved her, or if I wanted to puke. Maybe a little of both.

Lesliehugecock 1 year ago

Egy istén ez a nő,én is odaálltam volna szívesen;)

2493lydalichtenstein 2 years ago

Here's a full length HD version of this video :D [Also remoove spacees]

victorhot 2 years ago

It's been a dream of mine for a bunch of men to cum all over my face

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smk23 3 years ago


AJ503 3 years ago

Something almost eerie about this video between the weird music and the unsynchronized audio. Still would like to blow my load on those giant beautiful tits though.

weber44 3 years ago


bigfunwithjuan 3 years ago


PortlandPimp 3 years ago

bad audio sync

Evil.yn 4 years ago


Haggins 4 years ago

She is hot, great body, not a big fan of big tits but she makes an exception. Would have loved to cum on her in that scene.

shanghai19 4 years ago

love her

morecum4ts 4 years ago

i´m just a jealous girl!

steven2618 4 years ago

Missing is the guy lucky enough to be licking her juices from her twat while she was making everyone else cum all around her!!!

dio981 4 years ago


jeff-2013 4 years ago

i want kiss her face

francisco34567 4 years ago

This is so fucking hot

keithm3 4 years ago

OMG -I have just found my all time favourite video & the best girl on this site is Gianna - amazing !!

sarah282 4 years ago

i would love for this to happen to me....i just love having cum all over my face

hotcock2stroke 4 years ago

omg this movie is so hot. Not only the beautiful Gianna but all those big hard cocks. I'd love a shower of cum by all those cocks just like Gianna got and I would enjoy licking all that cum off of gorgeous Gianna.

hotcock2stroke 4 years ago

These guys are so lucky to be with Gianna. This goddess is so hot and sexy. I just love everything about her. My one wish in the whole wide world would be to star in a movie with Gianna just so I could fuck her juicy pussy and feed her the stiff cock that she always gives me. For now I am again stroking for this beauty and shooting another huge load of cum.

HornDog45 4 years ago

Can you imagine a world without tits like those? if girls just had chest like guys? That's a world I would not want to live in!

Hornybitch6969 4 years ago

oh i wanna lick her face and suck her clit so hard

keithm3 4 years ago

Great cum shots & amazing tits !

hotcock2stroke 4 years ago

All that cum.......I love it. I would love to lick all that juicy cum off of Gianna's hot sexy body.

hotcock2stroke 4 years ago

mmm I justy love watching Gianna in action. This gorgeous babe with her perfect body turns me on so much. I especially love those big bouncy titties of hers. Everytime I watch this hottie, I can't help but stroke my throbbing hard cock for her. Love ya Gianna.

lolisimo 4 years ago

i love cum

Obedient-Kitten 4 years ago

Love Gianna. <3

cobl2 4 years ago

how that can be natural???? FUCKING BIG TITS!

Galifex 4 years ago


nyc2some 4 years ago

I want to fuck her while all these guys cum on her face.

amino 4 years ago

i want cum on her face

thesexorcist 4 years ago

Nice! I wanna fuck those titties and cum all over them!

PUNNPUNN 4 years ago

AHA the audio is lagging AHAHA

district 4 years ago

that cum looks so good on her

SerbianFucker 4 years ago

omg, shes gooood

allthechicks 4 years ago

mmm. yuuummmy!

cougerpak 4 years ago

wat a boobs, any anty want my cock

jxgmichaels 4 years ago

diossss que buenas tetas

jmagz93 4 years ago

mmmm, i want to eat her up

mysinmatch 4 years ago

there's just somethin about gianna that is so fuckin' hot!!!

nathsan 4 years ago

hmm so big tits ;) i want to do the same things ;)