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“Lexi Belle super hot fuck”

This video has been removed. Please enjoy one of our many other videos.
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Badey 3 years ago

Супер трах я так же хочу очень нравиться....Класс

priceless 3 years ago

Oh. My. God. This is perfect! I love him!!!! Manuel, would you fuck me, please? Just like this..?

gorditaTETONA 3 years ago

mmmm que verga tan rica tiene Manuel....me encnatan los hombres vergones!!!

k1981el 4 years ago

5 STAR SEX. well done Lexi, you are living legend. :)

origasmi 4 years ago

Wow... loved his intensity! He looks amazing, if only he'd abandon the electric bunny act and take his time with the girl.

pussyfuckerx 4 years ago


fuck2rock 4 years ago


Hornigurrl25 4 years ago

I would love to fuck this man...his cock looks perfect going in her...wish I was her right now....

drummerdb 4 years ago

I love how they fuck like its the last time they'll see each other. the desire in her eyes is intense. that whole session was intense. perfect love making.

raimei.ken 4 years ago

Manuel Ferrata, the best lucky fucker in the world! Lexi Belle, THE most hot chick!

Lorac29 4 years ago

She's pretty *.*

nistelr00j 4 years ago

Lexi, hermosa muñequita, puchita perfecta

blow10 4 years ago

great fuck! i love manuel dick. everything is perfect.. mr. manuel can you fuck my ass?

Max_Max_Max 4 years ago

my favorite

Brapp 4 years ago

best vid ever

danyaldon 4 years ago

super hot girl

lovekissing 4 years ago

:O she said " i love you .. i love you" did u heard that like kristina rose in the garage fuck oh that man is the best fucker in the world

meowkitty1234 4 years ago

Being petite myself, I can say that petite girls are very sexy in high heels -- and with big tall partners ;) I also like how she kept some of the hair on her pussy, proof that you don't necessarily have to be totally bare to be sexy (wear what looks good on you, I say). :)

Naughtygurlxxx 4 years ago

Just how I want to be fucked(; Very lucky girl..

bangerang93 4 years ago

perfect fuck :)

Tepose 4 years ago

Lexi <3

Juliothe11incher 4 years ago

Pff this guy made it in porn ? pff im younger than him and larger than him wow

tessyboo101 4 years ago

God i luv manuel's dick! mm(;

wildgrandma 4 years ago

if manuel was fucking me i would be screaming too

Boooobies 4 years ago

the best porn of all time!

sexyloverbm 4 years ago

she cums as often as my girlfriend

slider123 4 years ago

me gusta

karnovella 4 years ago

She is so pretty and she has damn hot lingerie.

NeedsCorpusChristi 4 years ago

This is THE hottest fuck on the site, IMHO. <3

mmhmm 4 years ago


eatmytits 4 years ago

Manuel can fuck and everything.

fitch 4 years ago

fuck that pussy !

jmagz93 4 years ago

i would tear that pussy up!

jijo... 4 years ago

o que cancion es la que suena al principio del video?

jijo... 4 years ago

what song is playing at the beginning? pliss

LoveFreakyMetalBabes 4 years ago

Amazing video, one of the best and most raw porn I've ever seen! this is fucking how it's supposed to be done.

Horny_Meli 4 years ago

Soo horny! ***Add me;)

iloveaBIG 4 years ago

he is Manuel ferrara must be my favorite. check him with tori black

i_pee_freely 4 years ago

*** hotttt !!!!!!!!!

venkatkrishna 4 years ago

young and beautiful girl fucked well i too want to fuck

BrujoNegro13 4 years ago

She's a beauty

iamleo 4 years ago

Who's the guy there? I wanna know if who is he. Please tell me!

GawdPorn 4 years ago

I need more tissues.

origasmi 4 years ago

He looks hot but I don't know if I'd like to have such a manic duracel bunny in the bed with me... Talk about pounding!

iamleo 4 years ago

My favorite! I superbly love this video. Can you guys please tell me if who is that HAIRY GUY. The one who fucks the sweet little girl. That HAIRY GUY is my crush. Please tell me if who is he. <3

girl2602 4 years ago

She's so damn perfect!

amino 4 years ago

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw that girl is sooo hot

michael11b 4 years ago

Holly shit perfect

f0ilman 4 years ago

god she is so hot

italiancock1 4 years ago

the best video i've ever seen

ProfessorDP 4 years ago


Cherry2711 4 years ago


zandramas 4 years ago

she is incredible !

dick21cm 4 years ago

One of the best!! So hot..

ksepatosetin 4 years ago

fuck me hard baby...

LordAnal 4 years ago

all over my face..

stopnlisten 4 years ago

Wow, one of the best fucks ever!

WetBabe 4 years ago

Fuck I'd do anything to be fingered against a wall like that at the end, so hot!

sportschick 4 years ago

I love it when a man takes control! it's so hot!!

sportschick 4 years ago

I would scream his name too ;)

wlhamazing 4 years ago


keeleyshouseoflove 4 years ago

angry/violent sex is the best!!!!!! ;D

keeleyshouseoflove 4 years ago

0oh babey ;)

jackoffxxx 4 years ago

still no anal :-(

cumm95 4 years ago

soo hot

hmusexyladies 4 years ago

I need a girl like that, wow great fuck.

ashello 4 years ago


ohsweetnuthin 4 years ago

holy shit. best fuck ever

Bigmadcock 4 years ago


lover705 4 years ago

Whats Messi doing in porn????:O

fisho29 4 years ago

wish i was thier

beautiful_titties69 4 years ago

that is an amazing fuck!

IAdoreGirls 4 years ago

pussy is hot

7screws 4 years ago

wow she has an amazing body, i want to lick every inch of it

omgitsme01 4 years ago

lexi belle is always a great fuck

drbrock 4 years ago

Giddity giddity

kalvynevans 4 years ago

Why does he feel the need to be so mean to her? That's Lexi Belle, man. Show some respect.

Crass77 4 years ago

God this girl is gorgeous.

Rollercoaster 4 years ago

Lexi Belle = perfection!

Danielrukilla 4 years ago

Its too beautiful! :P

Anonymous 4 years ago

OMG, a favorite!!

blackcocky 4 years ago

love how he holds one leg while they standing and fuck that cunt! gave me a hard on

Loverever 4 years ago

Isn't she an enthusiastic little monkey!

sammy12 4 years ago


Biglouis13 4 years ago

Awesome girl! Wild and crasyyy

dalledillo 4 years ago


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