“She gets fucked”

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ravegurl19 3 years ago

@0PTiMUS hahahahaha omg that's hilarious

Justwillow 4 years ago

Also It's a lot better if you turn off the sound, and pretend the guy is the OVERSEER from fall-out. It's all at once the most scary funny thing in the world. ^.,^

0PTiMUS 4 years ago

when he is forcing her legs open in the beginning why does it sound like old crunchy crackers?

sexycock333 4 years ago

suck my nipples! *** we masterbate,he won't kill us!*** ole ....... im gonna sue him! *** 't masterbating feel good for you too?*** with me,its your turn now.......i'm prepared to do this,i'd like to get to *** anyone seen my panties around here?*** it,those where my favourites...........

sexycock333 4 years ago

best comedy ever

lINDIGO 5 years ago

What the fuck is this shit about.