“Couple sex”

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daveghero 3 years ago

She goes to the same college I do?! WHAAA?!?!?!

Fuffuster 3 years ago

Part of the reason why I like her so much is because she does a lot of the same things that I do in bed. We arches her back the same way, grips onto pillows when she likes it, makes the same facial expressions, sounds exactly the same.. so I can tell that she genuinely likes it because she does the same things that I do when I like it. Also, she's so hot.

Drake13666 3 years ago

Her name is Chloe Lamb. You're welcome!

Espy10 3 years ago

What's her name??

ClintMaverick322 4 years ago

Where do I get in Line?

ArQuelPL 4 years ago

What she name ?

lraj17 4 years ago

this was a great video. I saw this couple of years ago . i try to find it but i think the deleted it. i am glad they uploaded again. the girl is very beautiful. anybody knows her name

Amalover 4 years ago

Niiiice ;-)

mhelfzpzq 4 years ago

Great-looking couple, and I love it when the girl actually brings the guy off without him having to jerk it. They need a better camera though.

Sofiaasb 4 years ago


PG-100 4 years ago

I won't lie, this chick is pretty awesome between the pretty face and the well developed hips/boobs. Anyways, this is all well and good - until they ultimately break up and one of their future significant others happens upon this video while perusing for some porn...

NormanBuntz 4 years ago

You gotta love that Erin Burnett look. Nice Maryland Eastern Shore girl.

Theluckyoneee 4 years ago

I just banged someone I met at reddhoookups . gu . ma

leevens 4 years ago

This has already been posted before.

jarrysc 4 years ago

Creo que el sexo es algo más que solo meter un pene en una vagina, si realmente se desea lograr una conexión se debe tener una habilidad para observar la sensibilidad de ellas y dar en el punto exacto donde ellas explotan al amar como dice el maestro Arjona.

jarrysc 4 years ago

The best video, i think that this is a real sex, i don't now who think that sex is wild... i thing that woman needs to touched carefully for obtain a awesome result. acho que o sexo não é uma coisa salvagem, as mulheres precisam de sentir por isso deve ser algo mais divagar mais cuidadoso, uma coisa onde elas tambèm disfruten não tirar a pica y ficar e já.

tecnotron 4 years ago

She is bem gostosa

Blakesauce17 4 years ago

damn shes hot!

vibratinggstring 4 years ago


LuiS-SeX-Hz 4 years ago


holden900 4 years ago

She's hot, but boooring. I'd gladly throw one in her...

xXBilly21 4 years ago


dand1 4 years ago

I love the absence of screaming. Very sensual.

Lunchbox 4 years ago

She has an awesome body

DarkInvoker 4 years ago

Her: Yer gonna cum when I cum... Him: I'll hold it in. Her: Good Luck! Me: Oh god, I got it on my computer...

namikoesnadi 4 years ago

oh fuck thats hot

Arrousedagain 4 years ago

Who is she?

st_dot_elsewhere 4 years ago

She is totally hot and does look like a younger Erin Burnett, but the sex is really boring. She needs and wants to be rammed and this guy isn't into her like he should be.

theguy008 4 years ago

God, she's hot :D

glue4two 4 years ago

love her *** girl

HornieAnnie273 4 years ago

What's with the silent sex?? Is one of them still living at home with there parents and there parents where home??

luk1ss2 4 years ago

Porra isso nao e um porno e uma comedia

GrindTheMeat 4 years ago


UntrueAtehortua 4 years ago

I love oral sex!

DaveyBoy2013 4 years ago

damn both are very sexy

serch1 4 years ago

great fuck, I love this girl!!!

Regina_Fux 4 years ago

She made me so jealous !

Evil_Ed 4 years ago

She is absolutely perfect.

xn200 4 years ago

so freaking hot