“Shay Fox - My mom love big black cock!”

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colombianbi 3 years ago

That guy is so sexy... his voice OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire video is amazing!

black2013 3 years ago

si estas en españa pues contame como quieres que lo hacemos pues estoy disponible

HornieAnnie273 3 years ago

To add to my last comment: But what daughter out there says to there mum "Hey mum why don't you come over and fuck my black boyfriend"?? And then sits there rubbing herself off while her mum is fucking her bloke?? I mean REALLY??? OK so that is most if not all men's dreams but in reality how often does that happen SERIOUSLY??

HornieAnnie273 3 years ago

I have to say that there was a line in this video that made me piss myself laughing to the point that I was crying "Black men don't cheat" HAHAHAHAHAHA!! What a fucking joke!! But then it doesn't matter if your black or white if ya gonna cheat ya gonna cheat it's as simple as that!! Has it put me of black men?? HELL NO I love black cock!!!

Yagofran 3 years ago

I like black men, i like Flash Brown and his deeper voice.

TPAXTPAX 3 years ago

Супер...Две блядюжки...Секси видео...Мамашку и дочурку отодрали .....Член щас лопнет...

venkatkrishna 3 years ago

lucky guy having 2 nice pussies at a time to fuck

jasio 3 years ago


belchesfelches 3 years ago


Sexy-X 3 years ago

I LITERALLY LUV DA MILF! SHORT BLK HAIR IZ A HUGE TURN ON!! i beat my meat ta her hrd! ;)

enormouslove 3 years ago

I like the daughter better. She knows how to blow and nice natural tits :)

behkk 3 years ago

Mommi really knows how to suck a cock

Truyardy 3 years ago

"Black guys don't cheat" Hilarious.

Ferreia 3 years ago

mãe e filha são uma delicia grandes seios gostozos

Ferreia 3 years ago

a minha é bem melhor,meninas me add ai

GANGSTA.GREG 3 years ago

the moms pussy looks better.

fitftw 3 years ago

the daughter fucks better. Watch at 28:00

da_nyce1 3 years ago

damn wat a good fuck

asneakyliljew 3 years ago

Would bang that mother!

blackandmild77 3 years ago

@ Kolokoyz you just mad cuz you little dick white mother fuckers cant please a white lady like black men can.

Bruntenebreux 3 years ago

pretty mom

emmasiaw 3 years ago

hot and sexy

Massu48 3 years ago

The daughter has such saggy tits, the mom is hot as fuck though.

stokoz 3 years ago

very not bad )

sexman111 3 years ago

so hot

Macintosh10 3 years ago

Hell yea that's some tight as pussy

Bjorntufuk30 4 years ago

He truly does, Everything he loves is my favorite too.

KyOutlaw 4 years ago

You always upload quality shit, thanks mate.