“Gapolexa - Queen of anal gape”

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estonian2 2 years ago


superfisto 3 years ago

wife that

maxwildpl 2 years ago


punis33 2 years ago

Alysa Hey, when am a baby, you can have it in your ass. so don't you hurt. hehehe.

punis33 2 years ago

This girl is going to try to get 4 dicks her ass, and was very famous hara, you will earn a lot of money, but you can crap not normal. it worth alysa, you will need to use enemas the rest of your life. poor girl.

organicboy 3 years ago

Way too much gape. You should not be able to fit a hand into her ass hole. no!

luc78 3 years ago

Quel trou défoncé, une autoroute à bites

jven2 3 years ago

Amazing hole

BlazeBluntz420 3 years ago


analslut69 3 years ago

guys who are into this should message me ;) love this love everything about it ;)

mizanal 3 years ago

Fantastic!!! She has a very talented ass

Eddiefitz 3 years ago

omg I need to be dp'ed big time

estudiando 3 years ago

Muito agressivo. :S

fernandoarg 3 years ago

super abierto tiene el orto seguro camina y se le cae la mierda. me gustaria meterle mis dos brazos por el culo puta de mierda

VegasGuy 3 years ago

eating the cum out of her ass....yeah, she is the gal to take home to mother! Lol....don't think I would want to french kiss this gal....

pornyumm 3 years ago

niceeeeeeee....love anal gapes

verymale 3 years ago

What that fuck she's not normal

DPmyGirl 3 years ago

my girl wants this

TittyMistress 3 years ago

Damn! I wish someone could fuck me in that way

drewpaloop 3 years ago

This woman is a goddess. I would do pretty much everything to her and get so nasty.

casschas 3 years ago

I can't believe what I'm seeing

Hungy-shark 3 years ago

I seen another video of her taking two fists in her ass at the same time, so two dicks are no thing for her ass!! LOL

tranny_amy 4 years ago

That looks like fun...... I want to take her place!!!!!

MonsteRicardo 4 years ago

Coitada fdx isto ja nao e arte ja e estragar uma rapariga

Rachel_69_Lover 4 years ago

I want!!!

sexappeal69 4 years ago

I bet that ass dont hold crap anymore. poor girl... at least she wont need no laxatives when she is old lol

viktorioman 4 years ago

amazing excellent girl

viktorioman 4 years ago

very nice

xdresser86 4 years ago

this girl is amazing

risbosome 4 years ago

i like it

CostaBr33ze 4 years ago

the perfect pornstar

fuckmewild 4 years ago

that bitch is nasty as fuck...

muthaf4ka 4 years ago

yo she's the shit (and those two massive dicks too :) ) found it hot to see both cocks in her ass, where are two dudes from??

behkk 4 years ago

She's the queen of queens of big assholes.. but I wouldn't like to fuck that ass, i'd feel like I'm not doing anything..

prlz_007 4 years ago


Suckmypussy20 4 years ago

i bet she wears a nappy... it's fun to watch but i wouldn't want my ass to look like that

creamlvsxx 4 years ago

can she hold her shit

anabella 4 years ago

i like the comment "this girl is not human" hahahaha;)))))))))))

fvanarko 4 years ago

Fuck that ass he feel anything? :)

yasminexxx 4 years ago


Sexiboi702 4 years ago

wtf that shit loose AF

mikehonco 4 years ago

I wanna do this to some woman

GAZZA69 4 years ago

I wanna fuck her holes till I pass out ;-)

The-Bad-Boy 4 years ago

mother of god o_O

BlowinKushClouds 4 years ago

i find her to be loose *** s that shit i dnt like..

yayo1 4 years ago

holy crap, she should win an award for this, makes most other porn stars look like they aren't even trying

sydney-hotg 4 years ago

i don't like anal i just need hard big dick to fuck my pussy from my back, like doggy style !

depunisher 4 years ago

how does she shit???

icarus86 4 years ago

10/10 !

SexoAdicto89 4 years ago

the best movie of redtube alyssa is the best

superlou2012 4 years ago

jesush a bowlin ball,,,im gettin too many confusing images i cant squirt to this its a noodle stack a dime now sfuck

superlou2012 4 years ago

anyone else have a strange jungian erge to watch muppets

superlou2012 4 years ago

this is a one goer until itss collectivly out there not favorite button material at this moment

superlou2012 4 years ago

this is wierd i reffuse to get into it but my weener likes the stroking and feels fenny when they spitt on her a hole

Big-Bone 4 years ago

That's just groady... This bitch probably can't feel a damn thing down there.....

luv2eatpuccie11 4 years ago

get me 2x4 and chain im going in . need something to hold me from falling all the way in

Batman89 4 years ago

OMG this is like the gross's shit I have ever fucking seen. This bitch needs to be put down

kinky1rich 4 years ago


teddyhuge 4 years ago

her anal hole is huge

Anonymous 4 years ago


Lovely-nana 4 years ago

little gurl but best at anal fuck

kinky1rich 4 years ago

mmm wow, so fucking HOT!

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