“Fake model interview”

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Feelphil_2 3 years ago

She deserves a job, she's trying

Juiceefruit69 3 years ago

this was kind of funny

Imgonnashoot 3 years ago

This one was a bit cruel but still nice. I found her cute. Make more videos like this please!

aro1988 3 years ago

very ugly

HowSadisThis 3 years ago

...Not sure how comfortable I am with this.

Heraclitz 3 years ago

She looks so sad at the end of the video........

swaggking 3 years ago

how old is she

Nefertiti1 3 years ago

How this guy sleeps at night... Shocking!!! To subject such a clearly traumatised and abused child already into this extra abuse instead of giving her money for food and being good human being..very very sad video to say the least ...

ReadMyLips 3 years ago

ps: Did she really wear that awful dress to an interview for a job?? It looked like something you'd cover your bed with!!

ReadMyLips 3 years ago

She's not under age, look at the stretch marks on her boobies. She's certainly under-brained, but not underage.

redtube425 3 years ago

Girls, stay in school, or this could be the path your'e headed in. this is sad.

d0peshow 3 years ago

where on earth did they get that poor cracker from..some corner in east south central? holy shit u must be kidding me...this doesnt belong on porn site it belongs on humanitarian aid site for malnutrition,child and substance abuse.

teriusj 3 years ago

I agree this is evil and she should stay in school. An innocent girl is turned out for fame and money. She is clueless on the road she is headed down. And she let a white man bust a nut on her face. I knew yall white people are evil. But she is dumb too.

andrewm24 3 years ago

I hope she over 18 or this could lead to Legal troubles for using minors

soliddeebo 3 years ago

she is cute though

gentleman696996 3 years ago

cum in this face

anarg 3 years ago

okay this was just evil... i really doubt she's over 18...

NoPanties 3 years ago

I never fake it ;)

redcolombia 3 years ago

It's just a 15 year old girl

dcguy4564 3 years ago

needs a tit job

bbtwpfilms 4 years ago

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