“Sharka Blue - 50 guy creampie”

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realdeal38 3 years ago

I would love to use my cock in her pussy after all these guys have creamed her, its so horny mans cum on your dick

doxxxy 3 years ago

god I wish that was me getting all the cum in my pussy.. mm

sexyhotmefan 3 years ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love gangbang

sergiemp 3 years ago

lucky woman!!!!!!!!!!!

InkdNPrcdAngl 3 years ago

Oh my god! I wish that were me!!!

HARDCOCK2FkU 3 years ago

Awesome babe hope she doesn't get anything nasty from any of these dudes doing her without using protection to look after her sexual health. I would hate to think that she gets a disease that could change her life in anyway.

dino3sums 3 years ago

I would so let any woman I dated or married get gang fucked like this! so fucking hot!

dino3sums 3 years ago

omg!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd do it! cum filled pussy feels awesome!

YoungRedScreamer 3 years ago

I cant stop watching this...

bellatrix99 3 years ago

hmmm not convinced she's enjoying that :I

hotbongF 3 years ago

i m ready to satisfy them ......if u like me///////////////

Erostos 3 years ago

i wanna be fucked like her.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Fun group

Mr.secret88 3 years ago

Hmm... Where did all that sperm go? -Perhaps all the way up in here stomach. Not as much as there went in- ran out!

Mr.secret88 3 years ago

She can't have felt anything after that ride, honestly! Well except pain when she visited the bathroom later on to pee.

YoungRedScreamer 3 years ago

Love it how one guy blows then the next cock is straight in there pounding again....

Sonya390 3 years ago

I Wish That Was Me..

Nakadashi 3 years ago

i wish that was me. fucking me one after the other and some of them touching me all over? that's fucking heaven.

ZaneW 3 years ago

AIDS, among all the other STDs, just waiting to happen!

timbtn 3 years ago

mmmm what fun

ToniRod 3 years ago

nobody of them using a rubber? herpes here we go

bernardoduarte2929 3 years ago


da_nyce1 3 years ago

2 many dicks ill have 2 get mine first

HornyGirlSarah 3 years ago

I am so jealous of this lady, I wish that was me :(

Regina_Fux 3 years ago

that flick made my chocha so hot

ReadMyLips 3 years ago

Agree with USO218. I was around one of these type things once before, and it was VERY difficult to keep it up with a bunch of other dicks around and cum flying all over the place.

Massu48 3 years ago

She must have been senseless and sore for days after

st_dot_elsewhere 3 years ago

What I saw was a bunch of limp guys trying to fuck a hot chick. YUCK

uso218 3 years ago

Man I couldn't have like 40 other guys jerkin off behind while I fuck a chick tht would make just go limp lol

rammehbw 3 years ago

oh great job

muesli 3 years ago

Thank you Sharka ...

blacksheep41071 3 years ago

what a bitch ;-)

dino3sums 3 years ago

I LOVED watching my buddy fuck my wife. He pulled out & jacked off on her, which was cool, but wish he'd have filled her pussy up. 50 guys! holy shit! & this hottie loved everyone one of them fuckin her. I think she was hot. & I have done 2nd's..............& it sounds weird, or gay, until u feel it on ya while fuckin her afterwards. aweso

A6969420 3 years ago

kind of wierd. dont think id like another guys cum on my dick