“Subservient Jessie Andrews”

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quietstorm3030 2 years ago


jennibanxxx 3 years ago


layla789 3 years ago

omg, I want Manuel just for a day

layla789 3 years ago

Love both of them!

CarrieA 3 years ago

This video remember me of 50 shades of grey, omg

CarrieA 3 years ago


KyoKyoChan 3 years ago

Holy shit, what I wouldn't give for some a' that guy! xD

lonelygoddess 3 years ago

I Love love love this video! What I would do to be this girl.

DPmyGirl 3 years ago

So hot, she is a real woman! She would do anything for her man.

jellyrollfucker 3 years ago

This guy is so tight. I love this guy. I have so much respect for him.

Fingerme 3 years ago

i want someone to whisper dirty things in my ear and fuck me like there is no tomorrow

claraulla 3 years ago

Great !! I'm this fucking bitch !! Very hard fuck !! I love this !!

kofflerr 3 years ago

And the guy is too hot :3

kofflerr 3 years ago

I really really loved it. There's so much passion in their sex. Ugh, I want someone to treat me like this! Whisper sweet things to my ear while fucking me rough!

k1981el 3 years ago

mhm, definitely YES.

Anieros_Daimonas 3 years ago

Look at that hand print. O_o And the entire room/building echoes.

saritah 3 years ago

Super linda chica y me fascina la coneccion que hay entre ellos, como se miran y lo que ella se esmera por complacerlo.. Lo unico que no me gusta es que no se depilen!

KaveSilvey 3 years ago

Yes she take to her master well

submissivesexslave 3 years ago

I want to become a pet too i'm so fucking wet i needed now!!

Hansgruber72 3 years ago

Ahhh just a typical night home with my little subbie :)

johndeerboy21 3 years ago

fuckin rip her apart! add me girls!

Agiller 3 years ago


kay-baby195 3 years ago

Can I please have someone do this to me? I seriously find this as such a turn on... Someone can do this to me any day of the week. I want it now.

someman64 3 years ago

still a better love story than twilight

someman64 3 years ago

oc or gtfo

NeehollaH 3 years ago

The dark eye makeup makes it harder to notice. But look at all those little smiles and looks of pleasure she gives. I understand if rough isn't your taste of course. But this chick looks far from unhappy. I dig a little pain myself it heightens everything for me. Rough sex with a loving partner is amazing! Would love to see more like this.

spu8ula7 3 years ago

I love Manuel, but, that time its too hard. She is suffering.

dorioo 3 years ago


beauty1234 3 years ago

oh god this is so hot

hornyjordan 3 years ago

Yuck!! she looks 16

CroatianStallion 3 years ago

Totally my style.. Any girls there would love to get used like this? :P PM me..

sanja011 3 years ago

i love this