“Sexy Cora - Dildo-Sammlung”

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Sunnyda1z 3 years ago

If you google her you'll see she died a few years ago. I think when a porn-star dies it would be respectful to remove their videos. Does anyone else agree?

rebop24 3 years ago

Red hot bod- luv those hard tits.

Jedah_Dohma 3 years ago

i love her feet they look nice id enjoy having them stroke my cock till i explode all over her face :"D

crossfyres 3 years ago

Talk about a hard body! She is soooo hot!

ibs1994 3 years ago


BT1234 3 years ago

She is awesome

john.dirt 3 years ago

Regina_Fux and ginafucks, I'll lick both your pussies

rpoirier 3 years ago

That girl is perfection.

blacksheep41071 3 years ago

its a shame that she died !!!!!

romantyk91 3 years ago

R.I.P [*]

ginafucks 3 years ago

who wants to lick my pussy ?

King_D 3 years ago

Whoa! This girl is dead? She's fake as fuck, but still sad. I almost feel bad that I just shot a huge load to this video.

Rafa1987 3 years ago


TasteMyRainbow 3 years ago

Wow could you get any more fake

ibs1994 3 years ago


Youngerthanu 3 years ago

Good Video

diyo69 3 years ago


joshuaisla 3 years ago

This is what I like

Anonymous 3 years ago

what's her Name ?

Anonymous 3 years ago

she's so Cute

Eki911 3 years ago

What i her name?

marcosolbon 3 years ago

Yeah she died at her 6th breast operation in january 2011. Too bad cause she was fking hot.

nathsan 3 years ago

mmmm she's so fucking hot!

footxlynxx 3 years ago

poor girl :( she died a few years ago

katgirlsexy 3 years ago

very sexy girl :)