“Kim Kardashian sex tape”

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HornieAnnie273 4 years ago

What a load of shit this video is!! He's acting like he has all that swag all because he is fucking a Kardashian but is it just me or has he got a weird shaped cock?? And I have to say as far as dubbing goes this has to be the worse dubbing over I have ever heard!! I am not surprised that she wanted this off the internet I would to it's bollocks!!

FunGuy12 4 years ago

First time I ever saw her was on this tape. Was always impressed with her cock-sucking ability.

Anonymous 4 years ago

This ones really real, Kardashians really trying to put down this vid, but... internet is a lot bigger than they're "big" brains think. I had uploaded this about year ago, but it was shut down.

TruRudboi 4 years ago

ummm....thats the most homemade sextape, ever. I would love to see the lass in sexy lingerie shes so beautiful, she doesnt have to talk, get naked, just a private dance will do me, in the outfit of my choice of course.

democidist 4 years ago

@KlyeePweeka Her nipples are entirely average.

Sexiboi702 4 years ago


mrcoww 4 years ago

hahah finally

JDOG666 4 years ago

To bad she had to ruin herself with that fool....

Master_Of_Asslick 4 years ago


mommamia3 4 years ago

is this real?

cardman 4 years ago

Why the heck do hot girls go for guys like that? He has confidence, but nothing else. He can barely speak in complete sentences, he's short, and not especially handsome, yet he's banging a hottie.

KlyeePweeka 4 years ago

Well there goes thirty minutes and forty-nine seconds of the most boring porn available. I wish that I could get the time back, it really was that boring. But anyway, thanks to the uploader for putting this up, I am sure there are some folks that will actually find it fairly painless to watch. Me however am feeling nauseous, Kim is really rather nasty.

KlyeePweeka 4 years ago

WTF, I thought that black dudes considered cunnilingus a sign that you're a punk! And there goes this silly boy eating that shit right up! Whatever his names is (Moisha's brother) he must be a pussy whipped punk!

KlyeePweeka 4 years ago

Kim has such disappointing tits. The areolas and the nipples are nearly colorless. I suppose that's what some men like but I appreciate a lady with nice dark, well defined areolas and firm, perky nipples. The girls that fit the good breast mold are girls from KOREA, China and sometimes Thailand. That's why I married a girl from Korea with PERFECT TITS!!