“Hot threesome with Tori and Jennifer”

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moistangel 3 years ago

love the end!: "no diet allowed .. go full monty!" my new mantra in sex

Max_Max_Max 3 years ago

nice girls... : - P ' '

Alex21.ru 3 years ago

beautiful sluts! I want them in the ass!

owenbroadus 3 years ago

This lucky guy...

sexhot231099 3 years ago

tori black tesao gostosa quero t come sua puta

rocky88 3 years ago


leradashieva 4 years ago

The best video ever i saw, guy is a luckyest man in world

ToriBlackluvsu 4 years ago

who all thinks im sexy

supergirl 4 years ago

i love tori black

baby-one 4 years ago

MMMM, Nice!

tessyboo101 4 years ago

so fcking sexy! i wana join!!

raimei.ken 4 years ago

Best threesome fuck ever made!

MUFF_69 4 years ago

OMG fuck me. Ok ok now everyone think of this. These two Tori being my most favourite and ok this other girl who is now my thrid favourite. Imagine a threesome of girls alright. These two and Abella Anderson.. OMGGG!!!! like full on cum first 10seconds. oh fantasies haha

xxxxporno 4 years ago


larva001 4 years ago

ucking beautiful ... is nice to have so few women in bed ...

girlalone 4 years ago

Im just fuckin cum

Zachh 4 years ago

like it

Sedussivo 4 years ago

It's like winning on the lotto. You never know where to spend all that money.

lutherblissett 4 years ago

again and again: the best sex video of all times

Sedussivo 4 years ago

That's in my favorite threesome's list.

greeklover 4 years ago

mmm nice

hofdog 4 years ago

Lucky dood

FuckinGuy 4 years ago

oooooh reaally this 2 make me very very excited! i'd loved a video in lesbian action with this 2 only

FuckinGuy 4 years ago

god tori is hot but look at jennifer! I look her and i want to cum on someone! ESPECIALLY IN HER

morethanporn 4 years ago

I searched for hours, I'm convinced the song in the intro doesn't exist outside of this video...

Lakes 4 years ago

Tori is much hotter without makeup! I wish she would do some scenes without it.

18yearoldwhopper 4 years ago

Am I the only one who thinks she's hotter when she giving the monologue at the end without all that makeup on?! (Although I assume not many of us made it that far!)

BSex1990 4 years ago

i want to be in his place

sombro 4 years ago

What's the name of the song in the beginning!?

ArielRed 4 years ago

I need to go bikini shopping!

el-cabongue 4 years ago


jay21493 4 years ago

soo fuckin sexxy love these girls inned some like this

kerli 4 years ago


PornViewer 4 years ago

Any one of these girls could have made an amazing porn video, but two of them is just double the magic!

davedebo2011 4 years ago

Damn I would give them girls everything!! hehe

Kiete5 4 years ago

Fucking hot

BatmanPwns 4 years ago

I would wreck Tori

MUFF_69 4 years ago

*fap* *fap* *fap* *fap*

akincana 4 years ago

jennifer be mine XD

cumm95 4 years ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im cumming

xpress 4 years ago


chiiqiitota 4 years ago

i love tori pff she is soooooooooo hot .......... be mine tori!!!! xD

maxee 4 years ago

wow awesome

oswaldoxD 5 years ago


oswaldoxD 5 years ago

este es mi hotmail *** agregame

cris24 5 years ago

mmmmmmm delicious

Bortexxx 5 years ago

Really nice video, This is a real threesome.

dream 5 years ago

dis sxe is 1of de best

lutherblissett 5 years ago

I've been a fan of porn for almost 20 years now, and this is probably the best sex video ever made. Tori and Jennifer are goddesses, simply put.

Gbct97 5 years ago

Tori, i love you

razorbackfan 5 years ago


Chris_Hansen 5 years ago

Why don't you take a seat over there?

Xerud 5 years ago

Tori black is the best for sure! God that woman is sexy at fuck!

kabi69 5 years ago

i will never get tired if this <3

BiNextDoor 5 years ago

Tori Black is definitely one of my faves, as is this video! Gorgeous!

PussLuVa 5 years ago

Tori Black, Sexy as always!

ElCojudo 5 years ago

como qisiera cojerlas mmm...

alpha1 5 years ago

Definitly NO diet............

dickzilla93 5 years ago

beautiful women

Braziliandude 5 years ago

What's the introduction song's title? It's awesome!

rogvl 5 years ago

puta que pariu que tesão de video do caralho!!!

coochieabuse 5 years ago

Hot sluts! My favorite!

amberscorpion 5 years ago

so fuckin sexy!!

Paul02 5 years ago

buenisimo me deja sin habla

thedemoninside 5 years ago

they must be the 2 hotest porn stars !!

thedemoninside 5 years ago

instant boner

bighouse0420 5 years ago

Wow I was actually pretty impressed with the editing of the music in this lol

xMariax 5 years ago

this made my panocha wet

Marlonius 5 years ago

Tory Black is such a hot pornstar, every vid is hot with her.. Really hot threesome! ;)

vitao 5 years ago


chrisy5000 5 years ago

what a lucky guy

mnmlb 5 years ago


Fuckinghorny 5 years ago

What I'll do 2 be in his shoes......

rudeman69 5 years ago

Awesome !!

zurzmansor 5 years ago

While both ladies have a sort of mediocre looks, the combination sends sweet shivers all over my pelvis.

xxxella 5 years ago


HaleyX 5 years ago


benjamin_986 5 years ago

muy bueno

lickmeslowly 5 years ago

Anything with Tori Black is good. She's one of my favorite female pornstars.

gamergurl 5 years ago

sexy girls love the teasing