“Audrey Bitoni loves to fuck”

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maneater897 4 years ago

Wow this is creepy. This is third video I watched of hers and shes so much like me. The way she fucks and acts even the way she does her hair and makeup is a lot like me.

tonybigdick 4 years ago

id fuck her all night HARD

Beatles17 2 years ago

I love her

Strongguy 1 year ago

she is perfect

iporn69 3 years ago

she is so hot. the guy on the other hand brings the quality down

tommygunn4733 10 months ago

beautiful makes me want to do films

Mrmanjay95 2 years ago

Audrey Bitoni is hot body bitch

JSensiTouch 3 years ago

this dude looks like a vampire

wicked00 3 years ago

sex queen

SexyJS 3 years ago

ur very sexy! i would fuck u all day

inoutinout 4 years ago

she is so fucking sexy, he should not of been acting but still 5 stars for such a fucking sexy bitch.

magictongue69 4 years ago

what an amazing girl!

CumWithME 4 years ago

audrey, one of my original favorite pornstars. if only she would have swallowed half the cum loads she has made me bust

daveandmargaret69 4 years ago

Should have chosen a different male actor he did not suit this role at all. Good to see Audrey without the boob scars. 2 Stars

nfb4u 4 years ago

she is the best ! ! !

evanecence 4 years ago

Isto sim é uma foda gostosa...

lisannfan 4 years ago

how the fuck did he fuck her

bf3progamer1 4 years ago


Hotshotn1 4 years ago


mekisempit 4 years ago

soo good

Fixxxer 4 years ago

Yeah, he is such a retard. Audrey should not be banged by everybody. Just listen to his voice, sounds like something got stuck in his throat. And his name is Bruce Venture. What an ugly douche bag

JG1ON 4 years ago

Yo what's this guy's porn name, Downy Darko? Robert Downey Synrdom? God what a retard.

Fixxxer 4 years ago

She's so HOT, I would give everything just to bang her. And I hate that ugly guy, Audrey shouldn't be banged by anyone.

marko_croatia 4 years ago

guy looks retarded

MeatBeater 4 years ago

its a bit cheesy though. thats definitely not how a "did we fucked last nigh?t" wake up happen

Taboogy 4 years ago

wow! what a fuck!

iloveuthismuch99 4 years ago

She is So Hot i will do anything for her

Luca2012 4 years ago

I'd love to get banged this way at least find someone to do it right

PPPlayer 4 years ago

Audrey Bitoni muuaahhh <3

SmilinJC1990 4 years ago

omg i love her!!!! shes so fucking hot

williambey 4 years ago

any1 wanna make a porn video coz i feel like fukin !!

sexy-Harddick 4 years ago

i love her ass , i can love licking pussy and ass !!!!

luukrawks 4 years ago

She is my new favorite pornstar.

suckspussys 4 years ago

damn so hard

brasileirinha2 4 years ago

she is so hot

ProDick 4 years ago

This girl is driving me crazy OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!

rockboy5 4 years ago

i remember watchin thi5 on tube 8 i droped a big load ladies hit me up if you want to chat only if you look hot lol!!

rockboy5 4 years ago

i love thi5 vid

prashik856 4 years ago

wow! nice fuck.. i would love to bang ur pussy and asss hardly.......

venok313crew 4 years ago

so nice!!! :)

BRN23 5 years ago

She is a sexy bad girl

ambirose 5 years ago

wow made so wet

24Ausk 5 years ago

She is soooooooo sexy. I would give everything to fuck her.

xXx__Bransi__xXx 5 years ago

wow she is sexy as hell! I'd love him to fuck me.

babybat4114 5 years ago

Shes soo bangin!! OMG! I wish I looked like that

Klaus 5 years ago

very nice!, and Lina i can fuck you doggy all night long if you want =P

lina182 5 years ago

i love the doggystyle

barbatus 5 years ago

if I had a woman that I would wake up pal hard every day would get 24 hours pot diasessa woman is beautiful

mavurik 5 years ago

damn shes loose as hell

suckspussys 5 years ago

Love the way she takes it Id Fuck er All day

anthonymarc2011 5 years ago

msn: ***, hit me up!

Strikeman 5 years ago

perfect pussy... perfect tits... perfect woman...

James83 5 years ago

yeah shes fucking hot she can have my man load x x

Bigmadcock 5 years ago

I also love to fuck ;-)