“Two hot chicks”

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OMGLOLGUY 2 years ago

The redhead is Jayme Langford, but does anybody know who the other woman is? Or from what movie this is?

OMGLOLGUY 2 years ago

Found the blond's name: Jordan Kingsley. This scene is from Lesbian Seductions 21.

JoeBob9000 7 months ago

Why do writers always choose a seduction? The women are paid to have sex on ...era. Nobody writes a story of "damn, let's get it on. I am glad you are here & sex with you is always nice."

cowboypete 7 months ago

The red head looks like she doesn't enjoy it.

wullybee 3 years ago

Hot session. Both women really hot. Love the redhead, in particular - perfect!

Danielcoxxx 3 years ago

Love both them hotties. My fav video by far!

hornypussy007 3 years ago

they are fucking hot ...

eye-of-the-beholder 3 years ago

Jayme Langford is unreasonably hot.

yorkshire1979 4 years ago

I would love to assfuck the redhead!

jabslovesit 4 years ago

I hink the redhead is Jayme Langford!! you're welcome guys n girls! <3

kcarswell420 5 years ago

the redhead makes my dick so hard

MichelleW 5 years ago

Wow! Ginger bitch got me wet.

RedheadRenegade 5 years ago

Redhead is Jayme Langford. Your welcome.

cuteypie 5 years ago

The red head is so pretty. I want to kiss her all over. This excites me to be with other girls.

kamihami 5 years ago

Pussy on Pussy... perfect!

landcruiser97 5 years ago

Very hot!

ramiro93 5 years ago


HOTx3 6 years ago


SunnyLaneFucker 6 years ago

My cock is so hard!

iwantallofyou 6 years ago

so good!! they are both so HOT

SilentFucker 6 years ago

The red head is sooooooo fucking hot. i like the seduction type way better

Jessicaxxx 6 years ago

Theri sooooo pretty!

Skold 6 years ago

best video ever :D

J00Mak3m3 6 years ago

hot boobs

netseer 6 years ago

Is there something sexier than two girls kissing? or something hotter than two girls having sex?

pookie 6 years ago

she know she liked it nothing be be scared or ashamed off

nonstop 6 years ago

I saw that red hair girl in a diff video too, i knew she was good. She is going to be big some day.

Lexurus 6 years ago

The redhead's name is Jayme Langford. This must be one of her more recent films though cause the redhead thing itself is also very recent :P By far one of my favs.

ilovebender 6 years ago

mmmm makes me hard :)

hornygamergirl 6 years ago

Very sexy!

scorpius 6 years ago

I wish every girl was Bi. Two girls going at it with each other is just so sexy.

horny69 6 years ago

mmmmmm tasty

Yxz987 6 years ago

Does anyone know the name of the redhead girl? I'd like to see more of her videos. She is so sexy.

BiNextDoor 6 years ago

That redhead is absolutely adorable... The blonde looks a bit mannish, even for my tastes. Either way, if she was here with me, I definitely wouldn't say no. ;D

lilwet1990 6 years ago

tis videos hot!! love how the redhead was resisting but in the end she licking thst pussy and fingering her own!! so fucking hot xxx

LadyLuck 6 years ago

I want that redhead.. Damn she's nice

pookie 6 years ago

lovely sexy

Vnezapno 6 years ago


Fuckinghorny 6 years ago

The redhead is super sexier then the blond

MisterSquirting 6 years ago

This is a grate video:D

scorpius 6 years ago

I also find the resistance the red head girl has to lesbian sex, very entertaining. Like breaking her in.

scorpius 6 years ago

I agree Vena. She is super sexier than the blonde.

gamergurl 6 years ago

very hot and sexy girls!