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Akki005 2 years ago

she is gorgeous

loiracasadinha 3 years ago

Com meu ex cunhado não tinha muita conversa não! Quando vinha no meu quarto, ele sabia oque queria e sabia doque eu gostava. Já chegava de pau duro e ia enfiando na minha boca. E eu caprichava num boquete pra ele.

k1981el 3 years ago

oh no! elephant man again! girl with piercings...mmm

jlog2013 3 years ago

aaah el gran torbe hhaciendo matar a pajas desde tiempos inmemoriables

master31459 3 years ago

Cute !

marcialweon 3 years ago

que buena cancion en el movil

povsmut 3 years ago

It's a shame that such a hot chick would fuck & suck such a pathetic guy for money. He's got a tiny dick, can't eat her pussy to save his life, and is a premie to boot. it's obvious she's not even into it through most of the vid.... And she's like a perfect 10....WTF. She could easily be a suicide girl with a body & look like that.

lopez1990 4 years ago

Good Work Big Fella! But next time try to hold your Load. I don't see the Problem in this? the Girl seemed to Injoy it. Keep up the Good Work Bro!

vicont11 4 years ago

she's so cute. love her tatoo. and she's little pervert, too, she likes to suck and be fucked by phisicaly so much inferior man.

spoojman69 4 years ago

I saw this dude in another vid - obv some sort of "casting couch" setup... but i bet his wallet is lighter for it

raduraluca 4 years ago

suck my dick

jonaahh 4 years ago

WTF!!!! Are you fuckin serious how the fuck does this fat hairy old fuck gets to fuck a girl like *** must have loads of money bcuz wtf........

JMweightz 4 years ago

this has to be some sort of ugly dude fetish vid or something

Henned 4 years ago

What the hell is this??? The girl was top notch, but that *** g......

yourtonight 4 years ago

I have to side with everyone here, he is absolutely disgusting.. It only leaves your mind to wonder, how much did this man have to pay her to fuck *** es, answer me this, and be honest, if he approached you, how much would he have to offer before you'd even consider it?? ... Hes so.. nasty.. Not to mention, hes got an incredibly small dick

ivan_deprume 4 years ago

go Torbe! pay them hot chicks to fuck your nasty ass.

Prime 4 years ago

Esa Niña fue a meter de verdad...

carla 5 years ago

I will taste your come

portugues 5 years ago

she would be so happy if she tasted my cock

Pussycomehere 5 years ago

very very hot...

Neves91 5 years ago

cute teen'

loveisbest 5 years ago

that dirtbag gets the girl? i feel like suicide

hermeson 5 years ago

como se llama la piva esta.. que wapa es!!!!

fatfuk 5 years ago

how does a fat ass with a 2 inch get tha girl any one care to explain to me i must be slow...

Kati16 5 years ago


James126 5 years ago

Ugh, she got her fine ass fucked by a fat ugly scumbag

Anonymous 5 years ago

she deserves better :P

PussLuVa 5 years ago

The girl is so hot! But the guy... god...

errtu83 5 years ago

Alguien sabe el nombre de la chica , algo mas de informacion sobre ella???.... me encanto....

sonrush 5 years ago

panzon de mierda como se tira esa tipa, dios

kutowan 5 years ago

que más quisierais muchos de vosotros follar con una tía así

canates 5 years ago

fuck she is so hot and pretty

dyadechko 5 years ago

i gonna put 3 but it's only for girl.. that ugly man i sink don't make she is really fuckeng sexy! so.. the vidio is not interesting

RealTis 5 years ago

Very hot girl but the guy is so ugly.

robergalarga 5 years ago

gordo asqueroso valla a la mierda feo cerdo

kutowan 5 years ago

but the girl is pretty!!!

pole098 5 years ago

small :(

stud4ya 5 years ago

georgeus girl for a disgustin pig . . . =(

utalent 5 years ago

how to know the name of the chick?

lonelybabee19 5 years ago

she is hot, and i also like the shape of his slong :P

azabariel 5 years ago

how does that fat ass get to fuck such a beautiful girl?! r u shitting me!

cris24 5 years ago

This man is very ugly and fat!!!! yuck

SexyStud 5 years ago

Zane Your Cock is Small

rafahotcam 5 years ago

Nice Cutie

cris24 5 years ago

Sexy video !!

rswiders 5 years ago

beautiful young pussy... and the cat looks nice too :)

Jennyybearr 5 years ago

Hehe at the kitty. :]

knister 5 years ago

geile perle

ZaneW 5 years ago

You should try my cock honey.