“She enjoys the DP like no one ever before”

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vlegel 4 years ago

Yes girls, DP's are definitely a woman's best treat! And now a nice, warm shower, aaaagggghhhh...

andy88 4 years ago

ive cummed so many times with this vid

toriishot 4 years ago


James444 4 years ago

This fantastic

lill-hingsten 4 years ago

She is so hot

tmpni 4 years ago

I love her orgasms, here ar a small list of the timemarks right befor them: 13:20 13:50 24:00, 24:50 31:00 and many more...

afrodita666 4 years ago

omg !!! i want it

Serendipity 4 years ago

Dam!! I came twice by 14:24 ; ) she's smoking hot, sexy as fuck her eyes are

oHornylad123 4 years ago

omg my cock is hard

SincereSami 4 years ago

. . . good God.... does she ever stop talking. . . that kills it every time... I would rather see her do it with another woman. . . but without all the talking....

SincereSami 4 years ago

She is so gorgeous. She really could of been a model in the real world. Great smile. Gorgeous eyes.

drakoxxx 4 years ago

culo perfecto

ionut84 4 years ago


oHornylad123 4 years ago

omg i wana fuck her

italiancock1 4 years ago


lutherblissett 5 years ago

The deep throat part is otherworldly. I have to start watching after 10:00 if I want to get past that part. Whenever I start from the beginning I'm beaten by her insane blowjobs. No one does it like her, no one.

freshly_squeezed 5 years ago

Love the interviews :D

Dweenz 5 years ago

I love this girl. I wanna fuck you so hardddd.....

USMarine 5 years ago

Lol my fiancee showed me this. She likes to make me watch porn while she sucks my dick to make me cum faster (we're getting ready to go to the gym). Nice to know she wants to do this. ;)

san12 5 years ago

So fucking hard!!!

xcockx 5 years ago

it s so good, love to do that!

Southernmel1st 5 years ago

Omg! I'm in love! She is awesome!

pike420 5 years ago

foes anybody know the name of the guy with the shaved head? He's sooo hot.

anonymousb1964 5 years ago

Tori Black is sooo beautiful and sooo hot!!! She needs to do another smokin' DP scene like this one, perhaps with another hot babe!!! Also like the idea of her looking more natural, like she did at the end of this video!!!! WHEW!!!!!

secretbabyface 5 years ago

That is fuckin amazing!! She's beautiful too! 5 stars!

Serendipity 5 years ago

started watching it at *** because thats when felicia_sweden said she loved it, ...... WOW was riding my vibrator and cum at ***........ fucking niiiiice!

wantmore 5 years ago


candacez 5 years ago

she's great at what she does, isn't she?

felicia_sweden 5 years ago

*** love it

yummygirl32 5 years ago

omg this is amazing. lucky girl! her orgasms are so hot!!

Agent69 5 years ago


toto9 5 years ago

OMG, perfect

titsfucker 5 years ago

fucking great! i'd have fucked her like that

hwt_slut 5 years ago

lucky bitch. I get so wet and hot and insanely jealous everytime I watch this

beautiful_titties69 5 years ago

omg tori black is one hot bitch! i would love to tribe her pussy so good!!

venkatkrishna 5 years ago

nice fucking of this beutiful girl

always1 5 years ago

fuck yes

greeklover 5 years ago

one of the best fucks!!

Rena_Pap 5 years ago

amazing! sooo hot

lill-hingsten 5 years ago

shes so hot

jesushoratiochrist 5 years ago

I watched this video for James Deen. I would love to be in her place.

sexy420freaks 5 years ago

Too much make up for such a beautiful face. I luv you tori :)

__M__ 5 years ago


lutherblissett 5 years ago

Seriously, has there ever been a pornstar like Tori? She's the best of all time, a true goddess. Thanks for sharing this with us, babe.

stanj386 5 years ago

Damn, would love to be in that group fucking her!

RookieRob 5 years ago

five stars and fav for fucking awesome beautifull tori!

hannykohl 5 years ago

uh man. best fuck ever!!

jay21493 5 years ago

she is soo fucking hott

ProfessorDP 5 years ago

Best DP clip ever! FUCK YES Tori !

colombianhot_19 5 years ago

I want a DP like that so bad!

jonny99 5 years ago

tori is soo hot yes please !

firstguilty 5 years ago

ı vanna find to tori

redtub3ed 5 years ago

I like that too tori :P

just4you 5 years ago

Shes So Amzing

berkyagmur 5 years ago

she is my favorite.

Alex21.ru 5 years ago

У меня стоит колом, хочу её!!!!!!!

MeLii_sex 5 years ago

she makes me soo horny god

Exclusive_DP 6 years ago

Is there anyone, anyone at all out there that can help me get DP'd like this? PLEASE!

redttube 6 years ago

quero te comer e gozar na tua cara sua puuuta gostosa do carai.

juicypinkpussy 6 years ago

its cool but the slapping is unnecessary

juicypinkpussy 6 years ago

wow she goes hard on that *** are *** a great fuck

JennaMystique 6 years ago

fucking awesome. got me so wet.

WantingMore 6 years ago

Tori makes everything look fun. She makes me want to try it all!

gaaaabi 6 years ago

I love Tori Black, oh goshh!

ThickWhiteDick 6 years ago

i just had my first dp ever with one of my exs, while we were watching this vid. everyone came hard as fuck. def doing that again

martini_69 6 years ago

tori black the best

Geespot 6 years ago

I love it when she goes silent when she's building up to an orgasm, it's absolutely amazing!

colombianhot_19 6 years ago

Best Vid ever!!!!! So hot right now!

Norseman23 6 years ago

that asshole must feel sooo nice

EtheKid 6 years ago

busted... twice

aritits 6 years ago

ohhh it looks so good

cshooter1 6 years ago

That dp looks so good.

asdasdxxasdasdxx 6 years ago

fucking great!

cumm95 6 years ago


g_dick92 6 years ago

greatest.. video.. EVER

hockeysluts 6 years ago

Holy fucking amazing. Tori Black is just fantastic in this video. Roughed up and she gets the feeling of pleasure and the sensation of an amazing fuck out of it. Love this girl, love this vid. She gets what she wants and takes it like a champ. Came hard to this one and will again I am sure!

introuble 6 years ago

she is so natural, sweeat and dirty at the same time, love her))

FuckMe87 6 years ago


WantingMore 6 years ago

She is for real the only female porn star that truly loves and has a passion for sex, all kinds. I swear she'd do She makes me want to try *** she shows that women can enjoy everthing...it's not just about the men enjoying themselves. She owns it...especially in this video. You can honestly tell she is *** pleasure in this shot.

pulsar 6 years ago

Wow! Nice one!

meer_1 6 years ago

Un estupendo video!!!Una chica muy guapa y unos hombres de mucho aguante con grandes maniobras :)

GenuineBiBabe 6 years ago

Mmm, more Tori. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL woman. Some great DP action - I'm a little jealous. ;)

gamergurl 6 years ago

tori black! such a gorgeous girl! awesome DP btw

lonelybabee19 6 years ago

very cute babe!

freak313 6 years ago

this is hot

ksepatosetin 6 years ago

tori black i wish iwas like you *** is so nice hot.. she is geat porn

hotjuice 6 years ago

Very very horny.... another for the favourites

Silviu21 6 years ago


haleme 6 years ago

Tori is definately the best porn star i've seen on here