“Fucked on office desk”

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Prusik54 2 years ago

I love this video - I could watch it over and over... alright so I did just watch it over and over. She is so fucking hot - who wouldn't want her?

commentermolly 2 years ago

Definitely one of my all-time favorites. The phones ringing in the background, the sounds he makes as he cums....yeah, I could rewatch this many, many times. :)

trextacle 2 years ago

My boss and i had sex in his office every day. He would bend me over his desk and fuck me in my ass and pussy. When i first started working as his secretary he would rip off my panties and have his way with me. So after a while i just stopped wearing panties. He also would make me take off my clothes and suck his cock. I have a video he made of me doing just

detroitlover 5 years ago

Great fuck - her face says it all, and her orgasm is incredible to watch.

Woodsandlake 2 years ago

with my job and bein a single mom this is very real to me

loiracasadinha 3 years ago

Nunca fui secretária, mas se fosse, deixaria meu patrão bem a vontade.

sleepy2 4 years ago

dont know how many times i have watched this vid! all time fav!

iwannabeabadgirl 5 years ago

I wish I could get fucked at work. Might make my day go by a bit faster. I do masturbate daily at work *** 's gotten to be a game to see where I can do it and not get caught.

TGManager 5 years ago

Excellent video. Relaxation time is best part of work if it is posible to have it. As Dommaboy wrote it is posible that "the boss look like he jus takin advantage of that pussy beat that up when ever he wants", even if she know that camera is on and delete video it is posible to recover file.

gtr.dave8 2 years ago

I wonder if they left the drop of cum on the table.

michael81792 2 years ago

this is what i want to do to OLIVIA !!!!!!!!!!! :)

trextacle 2 years ago

It's here on Redtube called Me eating my bosses cum for lunch. Another thing he liked was for me to jack him off into my morning cup of tea. He would get so horny as i walked around the office and sat in meeting sipping on my tea with his cream. Those where such fun times........

gtr.dave8 3 years ago

One of my very favorite vids of all time! I love hearing the office phone ring in the background and the few drops of com that hit the table at the very end. Her face is SO fucking hot when she comes!!!

RachelStark 3 years ago

Need a good desk fuck.

danille 3 years ago

Just so naughty...I love it!!!

Usratansrata 3 years ago

muhahahah ..... :D ....NIce .. :D

k1981el 3 years ago


TotalSexAddict69 4 years ago

Wow, now that really turned me on, love that rapid breathing with every thrust, lovely :)

wigglebelly 4 years ago

you dont see many videos that are 100% real like this. She is so fucking hot and when she takes his load in her mouth...WOW! she loves to watch her pussy being fucked...also WOW!

moroleon 4 years ago


iSd1889 4 years ago

fuck, look at her face! so hot...

Eduardo5th 4 years ago

Really... whats her web site? or where can i see more videos of her?

morn62 4 years ago

I've seen this on another site before. As I recall, she has a website [or used to] where she had more videos. If I remember right, she took this with her cellphone sitting on the desk, and that was a co-worker she had been teasing/flirting with, not her boss. Very hot, and really nice tits, too.

FemaleKO 4 years ago

her facial xpressions sooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

force1000 4 years ago

holy shit!!!!

indonesianmale 4 years ago

soo hooott

blacksburg 4 years ago

Reminds me of my favorite local reporter... acts out that fantasy!

karnovella 4 years ago

I like this position

mspstubing 4 years ago


mysinmatch 4 years ago

Ohhh soooo hooootttt! Yummy!

camilito27 4 years ago

one of the best vids ever.... cortita y al pie....

Rena_Pap 4 years ago

the best *** fucking sexy

jaygolf 4 years ago

this is the hottest video , I would love to see more of her

Budman418 5 years ago

this is so real and so hot ! I hope we get to see more activity from these two.

Bluebirds89 5 years ago

That is hot!

nagiisa 5 years ago

i hope she's not get into trouble, now that she has a sex video!

tlotli 5 years ago

Reminds me of the time I fucked my bosses wife in the conference room while he was at lunch with clients. Risky, but so fucking hot!

White_Tiger 5 years ago

sexy woman

davidm_ 5 years ago


sexyboy2012 5 years ago

hi that is my maths teacher miss eynon lol she take a fuck

Dommaboy 5 years ago

Cute woman, the boss look like he jus takin advantage of that pussy beat that up when ever he wants

Magician 5 years ago

What a Beauty! She Rocks!

davidsec 5 years ago

Que!! buen video, al parecer no sabe que la han grabado

RabbitDick 5 years ago

shes so pretty and sexy i wanna fuck her

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