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I work here at RedTube... Add me as a friend!!! I am the RedTube reporter here on the community. If you like behind the scenes videos and funny stuff with naked chicks, I am your man.

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TightBrazilian 2 years ago

Hey Alan! I really think this vid should be awarded "The Best Red Tude Vid"! She is fucking stunning and so are the studs. Fucking amazing fuck! Best vid ever! I wish I was her, lucky bitch! xxx... ***

WORNOXCOOL 2 years ago

U R 100,000,000% AWESOME

funnymoh85 2 years ago

Dear Allan, Please check your messages inbox , iam waiting your reply :)

ILoveDp 2 years ago

when will you post some pics of you naked, i love you, you are very sexy, can you show your cock

funnymoh85 2 years ago

Dear Allan, I sent you many messgaes before which showing my desire to be a pornstar , yea i would like to be a pornstar , could you tell me what i need to do to join REDTUBE's team as a pornstar :)

xkhan 2 years ago

u r sooparb man :)

big_greek_dick 2 years ago

u r cool man :)

Mysteryoslo 3 years ago

maybe I'll be porn star one day.. =) what do you think about my big cock movies.

Goodtimes4all 3 years ago

need anyone to help??

deanofode 3 years ago

Love your style the top ten was just great !!

BenMad 3 years ago

Love your work!

JuggaloClarke 3 years ago

U are the only reporter in the whole fucking world that i like. Keep up the wicked job. lol

ALEXIS_MEDINA 3 years ago


drunkfreddyboy 3 years ago

Yo Allan! do you know how people in here can be pornstars? i so wanna try it out.. who do i need to contact?

Worthless 3 years ago

stop jerkin off! LOL jk. but if you want to jerk off and watch me rub myself come check out *** - fyi; 25 minutes until my next live cam show!

BiBitch 3 years ago

We need more lesbian POV. Theres like 3 videos. thxx ;)

kaizer347 3 years ago

envy your job man, seems very fun if you need any help, let me know =)

sa2odoo2 3 years ago

can you answer me when its going to be back

sa2odoo2 3 years ago

i just want to ask you why you close the radio i love to listen it

metallicaisgood 3 years ago


Cadista85 3 years ago

You are a very very very lucky guy :P

aLtuq 4 years ago


sidra 4 years ago

can u plz help / advice me?

imwetandsexy 4 years ago

hey, you should make a video of you acually screwwing one of the pornstars i think that would be really hot!

leefuckpussy 4 years ago

I have just one Question you said you work for this site ok tell me is this a dating site where you meet single lady to have a relationship with or is this just a porn site please tell me my name is lee I am looking for a wife that why i join up here lee

AllanLake 4 years ago

Its all about how good the video is! Its not random.

AllanLake 4 years ago

Get guys, you can email me using allan @ ***.

ncdeadhead 4 years ago

Your the man Allan!!!!

ALEXIS_MEDINA 4 years ago


usaowns1000 4 years ago

@AllanLake: You really need to upload some new video's.. you need to get more girl willing to strip for camera and also you should persuade a hot pornstar to follow you back to your hotel :D

andreaxxx 4 years ago

you email ?

TightBrazilian 4 years ago

I want to work for Rude Tube! I'm an experienced Bilingual Executive Assistant (the sexy secretary). LOL ;) xxx...

ALEXIS_MEDINA 4 years ago


ALEXIS_MEDINA 4 years ago


AllanLake 4 years ago

@Alexis_medina. A very clever man!

ALEXIS_MEDINA 4 years ago


mahamzulfiqar 4 years ago

hey im mahamzulfiqar im 4rm karachi pakistan

ALEXIS_MEDINA 4 years ago


sa2odoo2 4 years ago


sa2odoo2 4 years ago

hey man tell me when i can listin to the radio i miss it

jacquesz0823 4 years ago

i agree, i like your porn games :(

AllanLake 4 years ago

We will do a blog soon!

scaperkot 4 years ago

Allan, you should keep doing the blog to. I miss it :(

moncho201122 4 years ago

muy buena tu ultima entrevista felicitaciones

sa2odoo2 4 years ago

hey man how are you man i want to work with you can you till me how i can ?

iSmokeiSODMG 4 years ago

Thanks man i downloaded it. This guy has got some real tallent you guys should invite him to exxxotica ^_^ make his song come real! :)

AllanLake 4 years ago

Its a dude called 'Suspect' and it was made just for us! Goto the RedTube Blog and search 'Suspect', You can download it!

iSmokeiSODMG 4 years ago

Allan What song is it that you play on your videos saying i wanna get the fucking chance to fuck a pornstar? its been driving me crazy not knowing who it is please comment back :)

AllanLake 4 years ago

I will try come up with a High Heel special!

sa2odoo2 4 years ago

hey man how are you man i want to see your radio can you give me the wibesite on the internet

HeelLover 4 years ago

any high heel specials? ;)

loveshag1 4 years ago

i cant wait to see it allan thank u

AllanLake 4 years ago

Yes, More Michelle Thorne soon!

loveshag1 4 years ago

hi allen do have second part videos of michelle thorne getting fuck in the ass with big cock ? yes or no

AllanLake 4 years ago

The blog is still going! We just update it as and when because I am busy filming behind the scenes videos for you guys, which you will see really soon!

sa2odoo2 4 years ago

hey man u can help me to work at redtube

sa2odoo2 4 years ago

hey man how are you lsn man how i can come and work with redtube i want to work with them if i can pleez call me 00962799321072

devon_bay 4 years ago

what happened to the blog? hav u just given up on it?

AllanLake 4 years ago

Lol @ADuceppe Sure thing.

loveshag1 4 years ago

cheer allan cos i cant wait to see michelle she is a amazing woman and a gd firend to loveshag1

AllanLake 4 years ago

@bigdick4u All I need is pussy.

AllanLake 4 years ago

Hey loveshag1 YES! We have a very special behind the scenes with Michelle Thorne coming very soon, its hot!

loveshag1 4 years ago

hi allen do have any new video of michelle thorne recently 2011 cos she is so hot i am one of her great fan and have photo me and her .

bigdick4u 4 years ago

Hey allen, ive been really curious about something for a long time. Have you ever considered experimenting with men?

AllanLake 4 years ago

Post some video ids (number at the end of the url) here, where you can't name the pornstars. The names are not at random by the way.

AllanLake 4 years ago

Yes, I will continue to update the blog but no longer an a daily basis. Watch this space as I'll post new videos this week!

projectendgame 4 years ago

are yo going to continue to udate your blog?

AllanLake 4 years ago

We do that already mate, click on pornstars below each video.

moncho201122 4 years ago

me encantaria ser parte de tu club de fans eres ejemplo aseguir para muchos latinos

AllanLake 4 years ago

Yep its really me! You can email me... ***

AllanLake 4 years ago

I am Allan, I work here as RedTube's reporter so Friend me to get all the lasted behind the scenes videos first!

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