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mallorkin27 5 months ago

hi honey, fuck?

bigkes 2 years ago

love your video, extremely sexy, please do more

Sgkelly 3 years ago

You have the hottest eyes ever :p

TentoMon199 3 years ago

i love you .. have you skype .. :$

sarcanosic 3 years ago

@shynexoo follow sex story katy perry dating

DoctorCocks 3 years ago

love your videos honey

papazote 3 years ago

hermoza add me please! ^^

sheerlife 3 years ago


adonis289786 3 years ago

May I add you as my friend? Tel me why all your male friends show their pennis and not their face?

h_h_h 3 years ago

hello have a wonderful picture and amazing video!! wooww

marti2728 3 years ago

Wow you've got the wow factor.x

oso11 3 years ago

hi there! do you have MSN or something to chat?

fuckalot66 3 years ago

UOOOU hot girl! nice nice

superman187 3 years ago

hey the gorgeous you got msn

clifford1 3 years ago

a wanna lick your ass.

Young_boy_XXX 3 years ago

have facebook?

PlayDirty12 3 years ago


baklava91 3 years ago

so sexy

angel38 3 years ago

u got the move babe'

toyjoy 3 years ago

i wanna put my cock inside you!

hornyandhard 3 years ago

i need you in my life!

blackfire45 4 years ago

WOW great dance darlin!

toyjoy 4 years ago


pusylez 4 years ago

so sexy

ferko123 4 years ago

you are very nice

hornybrit 4 years ago

1st of all, id like 2 say that u ma dear, are STUNNING!!! wow and u have the mst beautiful eyes! nw ive got that off my chest, hello there hw r u? xx

johnnydepp 4 years ago

hey sexy... add me to skype johndavidcardenas

joshuk 4 years ago

where from uk are you ? if close, wanna meet ? ;0

hot_girl86 4 years ago

hey baby girl have u got msn so we can get in touch some how i love ur vidoes

andrei291 4 years ago

hi babe kisses you are so pretty

NeedFuck 4 years ago

hey babe.. i need to fuck with you.. come.. suck mine.. :D

blakk 4 years ago

Hey just added a new longer video : ) Let me know what you think x

moemoe6119 4 years ago

dam ur the sexiest babe ever

Horny_Fuck 4 years ago

very sexy pic and hot videos, how are you? x

Josiah. 4 years ago

Hi there, how are you? you look very sexy in your Videos, you have an amazing body! :) im Joe BTW x

fun-sex 4 years ago

sexy lady! <3

visitor545 4 years ago

I invite you to watch my video

voyeur 4 years ago

Can you give me your e-mail please so we can talk and send pics? I hope that would be fun for you

dansta 4 years ago

great vids chick x

preben 4 years ago

love your videos

thesexgroup 4 years ago

Yeah Ashley has a nice smile that makes ppl want to talk to her xD

feathers 4 years ago

Absolutely stunning babe, you fancy chatting? x

carloco1381 4 years ago

hi baby give your email i can to chat with u principezafiro_1@hotmail dot com

thesexgroup 4 years ago

Strikeman might be right your too good for redtube haha but then again I don't mind you staying

bigbullit 4 years ago

so what are you looking for on here .. reply on my comment page

Seanandreas 4 years ago

Your vid made me sooo wet!

Strikeman 4 years ago

leave redtube... youre too hot for redtube...

bigbullit 4 years ago

so what are you looking for on here ?

bigtiger17 4 years ago


nottzguy11 4 years ago

hey add me on msn i need to speak to you in private nottm2011 @ hotmail co uk

carloco1381 4 years ago

l love your eyes, your videos, all u. u r active do you want to chat? write me principezafiro_1 @ hotmail com

Mixandmatch 4 years ago

your vids are sexy as hell

Elisnewthing 4 years ago

i love ur vids babe

Josiah. 4 years ago

hey ashley thanks for accepting, if you ever get bored of your little glass toy drop me a message (god its so hard not to sound pervy/cheesy) lol

thesexgroup 4 years ago

if I had my man rod standing up would you slide your pussy down my dick and give me a good fuck?

Jericoxxxiz 4 years ago


frazzzzzaa 4 years ago

your stunning

voyeur 4 years ago

Can you give me your e-mail? Want to meet in Skype? You look so fine and sexy

Stepinmyroom 4 years ago

You are absolutely stunning. is there a way I would possibly get in touch with you

thesexgroup 4 years ago

Hey Ashleys are you really 20?

PussyLickers 4 years ago

meeeowww ! I want to pounce on you and give you a good licking d(=^~^=)d

NeedFuck 4 years ago

hi sexy.. wanna fuck with you..

Kh147 4 years ago

Hey sweety, thanks for the add! Do you have msn or skype? ;)

Gibbs 4 years ago

I'd love to have a steamed conversation with you.

voyeur 4 years ago

Do you want to mutual masturbate via webcam or send hot pics n talk dirty through e-mail? U R very hot. I want to see u strip sexy and masturbate with only your hands.

thesexgroup 4 years ago

I wonder if your willing to make a squirt video =D

JDAWG69 4 years ago

hey cutie do you have a skype?

thesexgroup 4 years ago

and include pole dancin !

thesexgroup 4 years ago

I think your should still make a strip tease video xD

thesexgroup 4 years ago

you still make me hard even though I watch your video 3 times already xD

locozin 4 years ago

do you have msn? look in my comments and add me.

locozin 4 years ago

nice video, that hot pussy, I was jealous of his toy

mywek 4 years ago

you are very nice girl

chevy100 4 years ago

lv ur vid more more please u make me cum so hard

terryteenfuk 4 years ago

hey babe hows you? thanks for accepting me as a freiand x

thesexgroup 4 years ago

*kiss* thanks for the sexy upload =) did'nt think you go straight to masturbation so soon haha, but thank! After watching the video though you seem tired you shouldn't push yourself too hard to make a video =)

arah9688 4 years ago

hey thanx for adding..

goodcock41 4 years ago

hi girl, really sexy ;)

bestblowjob 4 years ago

loves your vids :D

AshleysCandy 4 years ago

Thanks for all the Love!! ;)

seanybill 4 years ago

hey babe would love to fuck you;)

blakk 4 years ago

did you like my videos? xxx

bestblowjob 4 years ago

comment on my page if you want to go on skype or msn x

thesexgroup 4 years ago

I would like some candy =)

bestblowjob 4 years ago

would you like to have cam to cam :P

Rammfear8 4 years ago

wanna give me your msn or skype? ;)

thesexgroup 4 years ago


thesexgroup 4 years ago

maybe a shaje ya bootie one xD Something about girls shaking their ass is appealing o-o

thesexgroup 4 years ago

Thanks for the add cutie =)

Gibbs 4 years ago

I wanna' bend you over and watch those titties bounce as I make you scream from pleasure.

SexyBoyToy 4 years ago

I am taking requests ;) I will make any video you want me to! No matter how dirty! as long as its possible, so ask away

thruster69 4 years ago

thanks for the add gorgeous

hengst 4 years ago

hey thx for add me nice pic btw rly sexy you have msn or skype??

Gibbs 4 years ago

how's it goin', beautiful?

thesexgroup 4 years ago

you should upload more dirty dancin ^~^

billygee12 4 years ago

Thanks 4 the add, Ashley. 'Hope to see more (Ahem!) of you. :-)

mickeysucker 4 years ago

hi hotty!!!!!!!!!!!! do u have ur own porn video??????

chevy100 4 years ago

dam sexy lv the vid when u gonna mak more lv to cum lookin at u

Ph8ty 4 years ago

hey Ashley, love your video, made me really hard ;) u fancy doing a pic/vid swap?? You'll like what I got ;)

smalldicker 4 years ago

i can to talk to you

ivantemoja 4 years ago

Hey Love Add a Facebook Ivan Soto ;)

hotscott 4 years ago

Hey Sexy. Great vid ;) Xxx

locozin 4 years ago

Hello delight, you have msn

locozin 4 years ago


collin20 4 years ago

Hi sexy contact me and we can have a private webcam chat :)

ivantemoja 4 years ago

Hello it hears you me have:$ warm add to the facebook ivan your soto :Z

anGel_OnE 4 years ago

Hello, sweetie! :) Thanks for accepting my friend request! Very nice profile picture you have there! :) If you are looking for fun, please contact me at anytime and let me know how I can serve you! :D Hope to hear from you soon! :)

With love, peace and happiness,

BigDaddyNateZig 4 years ago

Hey thanks for the add :) If you ever wanna chat or webcam let me know with a comment sexy ;)

dantheman11 4 years ago

Hey sexy ;) up for some fun? xxx

Yan-Kee 4 years ago

hey sexy, ur so beautiful

dragonphoenix 4 years ago

Come to my profile ans see' my and my dick'. After , if you want , you and me will be friend.Ciao.

chevy100 4 years ago

wow ur sexy

Rammfear8 4 years ago

wanna hvae some fun girl? ;)

SexyBoyToy 4 years ago

upload a video, i want to see your hot ass in action xx

SexyBoyToy 4 years ago

Hi Candy xx

oraciomoraes 4 years ago

private videos??

AshleysCandy 4 years ago


pussy_lover69 4 years ago

heyy sexy=))

sexyboy87 4 years ago

Do you want some fun? give me your mail!

sexyboy87 4 years ago

hi sexy

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