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United States, Amsterdam


Anal Masturbation, Big Cock, Blowjob, Couple, Deepthroat, Car, Gangbang, Celebrity, Double Penetration, Big Tits


Bareback, Bathroom, Bondage, Fisting, Footjob, Facial, Fat

About me:

We walked to the fountain and I smiled and jumped in. Dominic started laughing. He got in too. I went and got my hair wet from the waterfall in the fountain and it weighed heavy on my back also when I stood up it hugged along my body well. My white gown stuck to me and all my parts were showing now-my nipples hard underneath it-they stuck out big and thick. Dominic came over and rubbed the right one. He floated me to the edge of the fountain and leaned my back against the wall-he went in for a kiss-it was deep and he rolled his tongue in a gently rhythm. I ran my finger through his messy curls and he was caressing my breast and he started to go up my dress. My sex was throbbing hard now and I wanted him to release me. He touched the hard knot in-between my legs and I moaned into his mouth. He started moving his fingers at a vigorous pace-penetrating myself and digging deep with each thrust. I reach down on him to feel his arousal-his shaft was hard and thick and waiting to take lead. He lifted my dress so it sit at my waist pulling down his pants to get our pelvic area's close to each other and with silent order he inserted into my sex. I grabbed his head and grabbed onto his hair. He was moving so slowly as if he were going to break me. I made a semi protest noise and he started going more forcefully into me-beating with my heart. I reached down and stuck my hands in his pants and grabbed his butt. I rubbed up completely to his shoulders than ran my fingernails down his back. He held me up and put me on the edge of the fountain he threw his self in and out of me a with a lot more force since there wasn't any more water to counter his thrust. "Charlie say you'll be mine." He whispered in my ear while laying over me. I moaned he was trying to lay me down to pull up my gown. "Say you'll be mine Charlie-please." He had my gown up and he was rubbing on the knot in-between my legs. "Say it." I moaned again. "I'm yours Dominic have me." I said it in a semi protest moan almost like I lost some unsaid battle. He was rubbing hard on the slit in between my legs. He pulled me up and pulled out of me holding my gown up he flipped me over and he laid my stomach flat onto the edge of the fountain. He inserted in again-and the bottom of my slit-rubbing against his cock at a different angle. He reached his fingers around my front-holding my wet gown in one hand and pushing his fingers firmly with the other. After he got his fingers where he like them he let go of my gown. He ran his fingers through my hair and pulling me down into his mouth. "Charlie you will be mine-I promise you." He was almost a point to being violent. I hushed them with a shiver and he came back to being calm. He continued with his forceful pressing with his cock and his fingers. The pleasure was building-I could feel it pull me down onto him and into him with much more force. "Climax with me." He whispered in my ear. He rubbed on my slit much more forcefully-I couldn't help it with everything not going as I'd like I let out a yell. He pushed in so hard into me I shivered and I knew others heard my protest. He was lightly going in and out; than he released me from his grip. I turned around and he laid his head on my chest. We embraced each other breathing softly in each other face.

& Hobbies:

Dancing at my club, booty calls, writing erotic novels, role play, I like being fucked gentle and then fucked hard if the guy gives me eye contact. I like having sex in front of people and in public places. The more excited you get watching me the more it turns me on to get fucked.

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