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I made an account just to comment on your profile. Holy shit you are sexy! Want to chat sometime? :p

Just responded to all of my messages - If you wish to chat, don't comment on my profile, grow a pair and send me a message! ;D Looking forward to hearing from you all! As always, stay sexy!

thank you, you are amazing.

mmm... love your pics.. you are so sexy

hello, how are you?

Sorry for the absence, everyone! I've been super busy these last two months, but I think things have finally settled down now. I should be back and active, though please keep in mind that my schedule constantly changes (usually on short notice) so I may disappear every now and again. :) Stay sexy!

love ur pictures!

really? right now i'd love to undress you and starting going crazy with all playing with ya and licking ya lil wet pussy till it's done ! pulling ya hair and tits playing with my hard cock on that clit mmmm...think about it, maybe u'll reconsider

hi baby hope u ok just pop to say u look very good in this pic huny!!!!!!!!!!

We can E-mail each other if you'd like so you don't have to keep uploading photos here, but it's your choice.

do u want to chat, sometime?

Not a problem. I don't have too many myself so it looks as if you get the short end of the stick.

hi wanna talk?

i love the new pic!

Would you like to watch while i jerking? MSN: rafael.mp1987 @ hotmail. com

hello, well, i am fine, nothing spetial :), so, what are u searching for? :)

well if u'd like to chat more hun we can do it here or.... cristy_ rdy @ yahoo. com ;) without spaces of course i'd be delighted to talk with ya especially that i lke your way sweet licks

hot pic... sexxxy body!!

from what I've seen you look good in all of them. Then again, it's the person that makes the photo. Not the photo making the person.

I'm back! Hopefully I responded to all of you, but if I didn't, let me know and we can chat! ;) Much love to all of you! Stay sexy!

thanks for add gorgeous babe xxx mike

sooooo fuckin hot

hello, how are u?

nice new photo. Just changing looks everyday.

well if this is a real one then...i am amazed, lovely soft skin *** sun before the storm ;) u're lovely talking to... more than that got imagination and u love imagination hun i'd love sharing it with you .. sweet licks ;)

just hit me up when you get settled in. <(")

HEY EVERYONE: Been very busy with the move and getting settled in! Will be back and active soon, I promise! Much love to all of you, and stay sexy! <3

hi hun how are ya...looking at ya pic...and..wondering how could i get a real one of you .... sweet licks:)

it looks great, sun all the time :p, do u want to chat sometime?

bb i like uu very moch u r so sexyy mmm lets i like ur tatoos n ur body is perceft wow

i would love to lick ur pussy if u got msn we flirt in msn

or maybe we should talk here first :P to get to know each other better , there is no rush! And you are a very hot model ! Your skin is fantastic and i love tatoos i wanna make one on my back :P

do you have skype or yahoo sweet angel mmmmmmm ?

how's it goin', gorgeous?

Your so beautiful like a dream, i would shoot so much on your lovely breast, at beggining i tough is a anime pic! so hot it is!

i am great to, thanks :) from wich part of the united states are u?

hey babe i like u lets get to gether and fuck relli hard

hey girl drop me a line

peneric @ hotmail . com add me

omg is that you ? if yes... JESUS Thanks God for so hot fuckble angels on earth!

understaind you =]

wow ur new pic is show great !!!

Both attitude and body are perfects. Congrats.

Just stopping to say hello! I'd love to hear about you! ***)

you able to send an email now?

hey hun, write to me lovemaker @ hotmail . LT

Sounds like a plan. So how can I get to know you?

Oh very close ;) you thinking what I'm thinking?

In the Inland Empire area. Where are you located?

hey sexy, thanks for the add.

You are really beautiful, but with blue hair looks like a goddess.

i love ur tits yummmmmmmmmm

hello, how are u?

you dont have to worry about that baby. ill fuck your tight pussy all night that when im done, ill lick your open pussy till you squirt. ;D

tittie fucking you then you suck my throbbing cock ;)

what is IM ? ;x

thanks for the add babe. wanna help me relieve some stress ;)

je je yea true well iam from costa rica n u bb wat part of U.S.A are u from ??

You got what you asked for.

I'm from Brazil bb =] have msn bb?

i wanna suck those nipples

u are so hottttt

where you from babe ?

hmmmm, nice pic ;D

*** you are invited to know me better ; )

very very beautiful xxx

how are u?
I hope to talk with you and know u better.
Add me on msn.
I have webcam. ; )

Hi!))) In general, I am well! ill, but recovered)) In Novosibirsk, is already autumn in full swing! Did not doubt that you love heavy metal music!))) But I rarely listen to all previously favorite *** jazz jazz ...))) you are model in the fashion shows or photo or all together?)))

bb looke ill give me email eduardo3h2011@hotmail . com n skype is eduardo.hernandez110 if u want to chat or do some thing fun or only talke let me know byyee have a nice dayy muuaaaa n realy i love ur tatoos ;)

wow crazyyyyy--dang!

hey baby congs hope u have fun in los angles so enjoy ur new place xxx u look very cute in this pic hope to hear from u hun

wow i love ur tatoo n u have a great bodyy wowo

If you don't remember we talked awhile back when you first started your account.

I've got a few videos up or would you like to see my face? Ask and you shall receive.

hey hun how are ya? i'm enjoying ya body a bit now. love to discover more also talk more

i luv ur body ;)

hi cutie!) from Russia with love;) greetings to you and your friend BiNextDoor) how are you?) you are also interested in heavy music?)) what are your tattoos? they mean something or just for fan?

That's understandable. I've always been around the average/muscle tone since HS. All I can really say though is " WoW "....sorry, got distracted by looking at your photo again.

you're body is gorgeous!

Sorry for the absence everyone - My modem and router got friend thanks to a lightening strike, so I've been out of internet for about two weeks. I'm stealing a friend of mine's at the moment, and should have mine back and working again at home tomorrow. Much love, all! <3

Wow...You'll turn more than a few heads with an amazing body like that. Gorgeous.

You have an amazing body :3

help me cum babe c;?

Damn very nice picture!

well im up in nyc alot actuall--i do alotta biz w goldman sachs!

how ya been? Haven't talked to you in a while.

ohhhh i see it--got an exceptional imagination here--just strange how such a beautiful woman in a fairly low populated area! nice -real nice!

Thanx for the add :) Maybe we could banter sometime ?

they got all hat in Iowa?

I already regret it, babe. This is pretty much the only way we can chat since my phone doesn't work here in the Valley. At least it's only for three days - The plane ride is the worst part. :/

I'll find somebody to keep you busy while I'm gone, I promise. ;D

hello bb les chat or les email i can show u pic if u whant ;) let some thing on my profile if u whant to have some fun =)

New pic again, I <3 my friend's new camera! ;D

hi babe. how r you?? accept my friend request and add me on msn vipeople @ hotmail . co . uk or on skype: vipeople69

helloo bb mm nice pic do u whant to chat or to do some thing fun let me know ;) put a commento on my profile

New profile pic, a good friend of mine let me borrow his awesome new camera. Hope you all enjoy it. ;)

i would love some fun with u baby gimme ur wet pussy

might make it easier on you/ =p

The reason why I asked about the " House " thing because that's me. Everyone I know either calls me House or Gibbs from " NCIS ". Well, if you're as good as you claim to be we might have to schedule a meet up one day. Be prepared to admit defeat, even though you'll be begging for more. You could bring a friend if you wanted. Might make i

You ever hear of the TV show " House " ?

When you do get your laptop fixed, I use skype. If you think you can handle the heat.

I'll put you to the test. =P FYI I spend at least 30-45 minutes giving oral if not more. Depends.

I only get played with physically, not mentally. And I only talk to inform and entice you. How else am I gonna' be able to get that motor of yours warmed up? Got play around with it first and get it nice and ready. ;) You're already worked up. Sending multiple messages before I can even respond back. I'm waiting to see your videos and see you in action.

add darkmaster___54 @ hotmail . com remove the spaces

There's just no comparison. ;)

I don't ask to stop. Even after I cum I still keep going. I take breaks when I'm wore out physically but that's no longer than a drink or two and a smoke break. And if your a psych nut then you should already be aware that the mind game has already started. I'm not bragging, but I'm considered a God in bed. All my techniques, my touch, my ideas in bed.

heh, that's what they all say, hunny. Next thing I know I've got them cornered into a wall saying they can't take anymore. I'm not quite sure what all I'll include in the book. It's gonna' have a scientific, psychological and physical aspect to it.

Oh...I'm sorry ! :-(

Get your sexy ass over here! Natalie just showed up, and guess what?? Mike and Kev came with! We need to get this party started or I'm keeping them all for myself! ;D

and it all depends on how much you can handle 'cause I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm actually debating on writing a book.

why don't you add me on skype ! abadir84

Hi babe...thank you for the friendship...

mine isn't like the big bulky wheelchairs in the hospital. THOSE SUCK! Mine is top of the line. And if you're ever local you can have that much fun in a wheelchair. If you play your cards right. ;)

just i waan some privte babe

sounds like you should ride in my wheelchair with me and look at my tattoos while i pop wheelies.

can i have you mail?

I know that's right! I actually cheated death a year ago. Got shot, so now I'm in a wheelchair. Had to learn how to walk all over again and learn how to use all the muscles below my waist all over gain. And when I say every muscle, I mean, every muscle. So, what type of fetishes do you two have?

I would love to fuck around with your body. From what i can see, very impressive ;)

yea, I had an issue with an underage kid here. Sent me their facebook info. They had to go. So, what are you lookin' to get out of this site? ;)

who wants sex cam tonight

hey baby, wanna have some fun?

how's it goin'? Glad to see a "genuine" woman on this site.

Hey babe! Glad to see I've finally convinced you to join up. See you tonight! ;)

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