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Your wish is my command, but I'd sure love to lick your pussy as well! Can't I do both?

oh I like a thresome 2 guys one girl , you like ? bi sexual , you like or not ?

hey babe you are so hot

very hot looking!

hola preciosa que tal

do u have some other way to contact u?xx

i want to lick you all

thank you you are so horny.

hi, sry i only just figured out the comment bit. it ***. x

hello, how are u?

oh and have u seen my vid?

babyygirll, ur tits are soo fine. i wanna shove my throbbing cock in your ass and fuck for hours. mmm then i want u to deepthroat my cock while i eat out yur pussy ;) then ill cum in ur pussy and suck out all the cum and then we'll kiss and we each swallow half mmm.

hi thanks for adding *** good looking girl


hello to you, sexy

wow bb with that body u will be my angel =)

peneric @ hotmail . com add me

Thank you, babe. You look pretty gorgeous yourself. ;D

hey hun find me on msn lovemaker @ hotmail . lt , or in skype: tomastomas9994 , or in ooVoo : lovemakeris

dammnn.. your so damn beautiful. you should send me an email and maybe we could chat a bit;) leon8954@ gmail. com


Thanks, I absolutely love LA! You ever been? It's an amazing city, you should come pay me a visit! ;) And I appreciate your compliments, thank you so much!

lets have a good time on webcam. look at my info ;)

hey hun, find me on msn lovemaker @ hotmail . lt

its in my info box babygirl ;)

you should e mail me baby, idlove to talk to you ;)

do you have an email so we could chat baby?(:

damn baby i would love to eat your pussy too and suk on those tits(;


hey babe u there

well we could chat over txt or redtube

i cant send heres mine doepker . jessica @yahoo . com

yes give me ur email

ok hunny ill be waiting

leave me a message :)


leave me a msg when you come back

I sitll want to talk to her :)

It is in my information tab, with about me, otherwise loads of weird guys add me, sorry hun, but you add me ok :) xx

no problem hunny. what you doing? can you add me on msn?

heyyy gorgeous get at me(:

I soo want to fuck your ass deeeep !!

I'll even drill you with my tail~!~ or would you rather watch myself drill my own pussy with my tail hehe

can I drill you until you scream stop ^~^

you are very sexy

pwetty please ? Won't you make me your sex slave hehe

I want you to hop on my dick untill I gasp in Ecstasy <3

-Snuggles in between your breasts and wrap my tail around you- Won't you pat my head and say good girl? hehe :)

Can you add me on msn? sam12one @ hot mail

mmm I miss talking to you :(

i´m with a beauty friend who want to see you, Do you like to see us doing sexual things? all that you want..

my msn is rocafort99 htmail com add me
or send me an email

i have email and msn msn: santraonhot @ hot mail . com Email: sporttikarkki @ g mail. com

speaking of do you have facebook or can we chat on hotmail? you can add me its sam12one @ hot mail

I wanted to talk to her lol and I am I'm not sure if she want to steer the conversation to hitting on her since shes not showing me any signs

xP my friend had to leave oh cool I think your getting hit on :D

You are pretty sexy too honey

lol looks like my naughty friend is too orrcupied with Christeaser xD and now hes hitting on you haha

Then again thats probably because of my horny side wanting to play with you xD maybe I should just cum so we can talk normally :)

awww :( that makes me sad but then again I can't be on here forever either thats why I come on way early mornings

I am a guy and I like messing around xP so if you ever need someone to talk to or mess around with I'm happy to spend my time at your service *wink* ;)

Wanna have fun :D?

mmm I'm not really busy atm I'm just talking to another friend (tlaking naughtily) :) do you want me to spend more time with you? I dont mind cutie :)

wow we talked for 3 hours lol and I woke up around 4 am xD

I'll log back in when I'm done showering

ok ttyl =) I think I go take a shower and get ready to take a lesson WHICH they didn't tell me WHEN what a pain in the ass!

Mine smell like sperm? *licks your wet pussy clean* lol they're only wet if you make them horny =) although sometimes theyre dont produce enough liquid

thanks for telling me =) this is probably the main reason I join redtube :) I always wodnered why ppl do it

What do you taste like? I tasted my own sperm but it didn't taste like anything really so I wonder why girls always want to eat guys cum

Have you ever taste your own pussy like your fingers get wet from playing with your pussy and then you lick your fingers

I always wondered though have you ever tasted yourself?

why are you apologizing in a mini second lol

Yes I'm single are you single?

I don't mind you can ask me anything =) except where I live lol

I would like to have sex but I'm not into it really I just want to have someone to talk about it :)

baby girl who WOULDN"T type nicely to you if you give them attention :) besides most guys just want to fuck lol

I don't mind besides your making me big :D *scoots over to you and kiss you softly on the lips*

your as cute as you act ^~^

haha you posted too soon xD

your english sounds good to me =-) *plays with your shirt and bring you toward a bench* your really making me hard and I would love you to suck my cock <3 I think any guy would

Thats ok sweetie =) That just make me like you more because your attempting to understand me and comment at the same time *gives you a reassuring hug* sorry fi I'm making this hard for you

whoops I got so horny I saw the xxx as stars lol

you got censored haha shouldnt it be the guy to get censored 1st heh heh I'm nice and big now *pull my boxers off giving you a nice view* ^ / / / / ^

ok this may sound mean but my boner is gone o-o w.e =) I'll just make it big so you can lick it <3 *rubs myself till it gets big*

thanks sweetie *kiss* so u never told me what your planning to lick >:)

I don't really mind but I like seeing your naughty comments on my profile :) w.e makes you happy ^~^ *plays with your hair*

haha I posted too soon =) and you got my boner back haha too bad in real life its a pain to hide it everytime =.= but w/e what do you plan to lick =D

mm did my jking went too far? you can tell me to stop you know

*licks your hand* what ya talking bout girl? your the sugar lol can't you just make one? takes like 2 min literally

same here honey :( well at least i have a new one and its you xD you can add me on faceboo k if you want ^-^

all the rest put like one comment and leave for the day or just ignore me when I comment gets annoying

mmm now that I read your comment the second time are you asking to cybersex lol

*kiss you on the cheek* =) I'm just glad your talking lol I only have like 1 friend and a half who actually talks

I'm good =) strangely rnoughI got a boner just from you saying hi LOL (yes that is weird but its the truth)

*gives you a quick hug* welcome back babe =)

hey babe how are ya?? would love to lick your asshole and pussy than slide my hard cock inside both of your tight holes:)

thanks for the add :) if you ever wanna chat or web cam hit me up ;)

hew swettie i like you a lot! i want to eat your tight pussy! ;)

lol your already getting popular =)

do you have skype babe?

I guess you didn't check my profile info lol. . . . . http://www. fa ce book. com/profil e.php?id=100002768538846

lol dam girl xD you already off

Want to add me on fa cebook so we can chat easier?

*spank your butt* hey bb hows it goin haha

hey your online =) *gives you a quick hug*

http://www. fa ce book. com/profil e.php?id=100002768538846

thanks for the add =) We can chat privately on my fa cabook

Thank you for the add :)

Hello, sweetie! :) Very nice profile picture you have there! :) If you are looking for fun, please contact me at anytime and let me know how I can serve you! :D Hope to hear from you soon! :)

With love, peace and happiness,

you are so sexy...

thnakns for the add...

anytime gorgeous you'll be so horny and wet i'll give you the ride of your life xxx

hello hot girl u look very sexy

Solo Mujeres A Mi Msn tudjcristian @ hotmail . com ( Sin Espacios) Te Espero

i wanna stick me cock in ur ass deep :) x

Hi girl, thanks for adding me, nice pic!! kisses ;)

You is very sexy, waz up

You had a nice body too :) wouldnt mind u lickin my pussy ;) XX

Thanks babe :) x want to meet you one day... Have u got an email??? :)

Beatiful, could you message me on puzzsylove @ hotmail . com

email me babe.. jurgensk @ hotmail . co . uk

hey babe, do you wanna chat private? xx

Thanks Sexiii, maybe you could help me film a video one day of us two banging each other ;D

mmmm... baby i wanna kiss u...

Thanks for *** U R hot

yan-kee-999 @ hotmail . com

jurgensk @ hotmail . co . uk

hey gorgeous, you are very sexy!! ***

add me x25_da_1_n_only @ hotmail . com

hi girl, you have a super hot body!!! O.O

sweet babe il remove you as a friend than add you again with my email in your private messages K?? that way i dont have randoms emailing me haha kant wait baby your so hot!

hi hansome yumyyyyyyyy

Anonymous 5 years ago

hello sexy

fancy some fun sometime with me & my gf(21)???

he hot Girl i give you my email adii... leomessi@hotmail. ch

how do you send a message on here?

gorgeous pic, email or msn?

seanbilly u give me urs and i promise i'll add u and we will have some fun

my pleasure boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey babe nice profile pic you are so dam sexy... wats your email so we can chat privately?

hi beautiful
do me a favor
leaves me your address or skype mensseger
want to see you on webcam ok

thank you for the comment, love to talk sometime soon

add ai garotodeprogramadf2011 @ hot mail. t.victor with OR-victor @ hot mail. with kisses you hope to beat it we a nice chat

cheers for accepting gorgeous

yeah just private

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