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I love your videos

I'm her off and on. :)

thanks for the great new vids

you call her weird but I call her an angel <3 There arent many girls who do requests so dont criticize

thanks for uploading your vids - whish my rod is your candle

I hope she comes back on :( I miss chatting with her

its ok I wasn't on much either but I hope you're having fun and well, happy

I hope it is a lot of fun.

Haven't been around lately, sorry. Lots going on elsewhere in my life.

Haven't seen you on AIM yet o:

I agree you only get one body becareful with it honey

No vids for awhile now. Sorry. I haven't been feeling so well.

maybe I should aim you too xD mmm tempting

Yes ma'am you can :P I added you on AIM btw. Got your message.

I have an IPAD--I can do whatever i want on IT.

Naughty naughty, res tubin at work?

Ok, when I get home from work I'll see if I need to activate the AIM account and I'll add you as a friend.

No o: the screen name is warrierssoul

Is your AIM Id the same as your name here?

I can't seem to message you Kat :( would you message me the account info?

Hmmm. It seems it doesn't let me post email addresses. How nice. Ok, I just created my AOL account. If anyone would like to I/M me (using AIM) or if you'd like to read my goofy little writings I've written about fisting, a lot of how-to stuff mostly, send me a message (private) and I'll send you my made-up AOL account info.

Hmm. I suppose I can make another AOL account. I'll give it some thought tho and let ya know.

Aw, sucks you don't have yahoo messenger :( Can't you make another AOL or maybe a yahoo that doesn't have your name in it? :) You cann tell me every fantasy you've ever had :P

MSN? Sorry. Clueless here, nice to meet ya. :) I have AIM through AOL. I don't like Yahoo Messenger. Is that the same as MSN? I don't want to give out my AIM Id because I'd rather not have people know my actual name.

:) I wish there was a place I could post things longer than a few paragraphs. I have write ups and fantasies I've written concerning fisting--I've been told they kinda also inspire hard ons.

LOL, well you're vids certainly inspire hard ons if not salutes ;o

All these profile pics of hard-ons I'm getting in my in-mail from guys asking to be friends. I feel like I'm being saluted! :)

Oh dear. Once again one of my less favorite vids has gotten featured. WHY do they do that? Why can't they feature vid 9, for example????

hot videos ;-)

Too funny. Vid 11 was not accepted. It was deemed inappropriate for some reason. ???

I could start dating them.

if only they have a date on upload that way we know which one comes next

Wow! All the vids are processed now!

I have six now waiting to be available. They must have a backlog at Redtube. :(

Your new vid still isn't available yet :(

Ah, so in other words a woman doesn't have to climax to cum???

same <3 and you do cum ! its the white stuff deep inside your pussy :P

That's a great share! Also looking forward to enjoying your new video :D

Just saying... But that's just me. I'm sure some women love the Jackhammer. Or the energizer bunny might be another term. I guess all I'm saying is, be aware???? When something isn't working, find another tool???? :)

And in fact, there have been those moments when I'm getting the Jackhammer, and the poor guy is working so hard and I'm checking my watch & thinking, okay already, when will you cum? Because I already know I won't.

Not saying the Jack-hammer isn't a great tool. There's just a time and a place for it, ya? It's all *** right tool at the right time to get the job done. Sayeth I and no I am really not that experienced, however, the best I ever had was a guy who applied variety to his approach.

Ok gentlemen, pay attention! I'm older, yes? So I have some experience, at least. And there are simply some things men need to know. Not enough of them DO know. Ok. The jack-hammer fucking is all well and good however, you wanna have HER enjoy herself too? Long, slow strokes and penetration at different angles. I can't speak for all women but...

Lint! The bane of my existence! I had to laugh last night looking over the finished product of my newest vid currently in "Process." It's a nice long *** some good *** also has a tiny piece of lint throughout most of the thing. I was totally waiting for my fingers to push it inside--at least that never happens. :)

I uploaded one last night, a very long vid. It's currently "in process." :)

Are you going to upload more videos soon? I love them! :D

Ladydee62 has now officially been deactivated!

The new name is better. For my peace of mind at the very least.

thanks for the new name

You've been added! :)

I've got my first vid here in process...

It took me so long to find you lol good thing Im dedicated to you

Found you sexeh <3

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