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joonjoon2013 4 months ago

hi how are you? can e be friendss?do you have skype or yahoo?

estonian2 4 months ago

sweet sweet ass

show-mann-show 5 months ago


orgasmicagent 5 months ago

fucking nice profile

Matta-Clark 8 months ago

add me please!

big14uxxx 8 months ago

i want to fuck both your holes so bad

kamill1 8 months ago

Could show us a a bit more. ;)

gigabowser69 8 months ago

nice ass baby

FuckNow 9 months ago

i like that ass hmmm

gingguy 10 months ago

hey xx

lolsuplove 12 months ago

Hey krystal, It's been a while haha how've you been? give me a shout on facebook sometime so we can catch up

terryblueeyes 12 months ago

nice arse there krystalkissez

rous78 12 months ago

i would love to fuck your sweet ass and cum in your face!!

Energytwo 12 months ago

Oh hi - I accepted the friend request. I looked through your faves. Nice to meet a gal who is into the beauty of butt sex. Way too rare sometimes, you know?

Frankiez 2 years ago

hard cock for you here

BIG_JIM 2 years ago

Daddy misses his slutty little mistress

JayyBe 2 years ago

Would love to fuck that ass, PM me?

blackfire45 2 years ago

You really do have a nice ass darling!

Anonsurfer 2 years ago

Nice ass.

venkatkrishna 2 years ago

love to fuck this nice ass

strvng4pussy 2 years ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice ass baby

lolsuplove 2 years ago

still never got those videos ;D heh :P

lafazan 2 years ago

krystalkissz I want to sleep with you

kunimaster 2 years ago

Perfect ass for my cock !! ))

ChickMag 2 years ago

sexy babe ( ;

fanatic1111 2 years ago

damn thats a fine ass babe!

LikeSEX21 2 years ago

would love to fuck ur sweet ass shot my cum on it

Proibido_ 2 years ago

Nice ass bb

jdog79 3 years ago

My cock is throbbing and dripping wanting to go up your ass

curioson 3 years ago

Anytime you want, babe. Just stroke on my knob...

mattyboy501 3 years ago

hey sexyyyyy :)

warchief 3 years ago

moze jedan lizz...

lolsuplove 3 years ago

miss you krystal ! keep being sexy and i hope all goes well :)

cockmaster2012 3 years ago

Love ya ass, babe!

mvk1993 3 years ago

hey baby, i wanna spank that beautiful ass of yours, message me;) xxx

bokikoki 3 years ago

Nice ass you got there,I would like to fuck that hot *** YOU BABE

curioson 3 years ago

Some vids you got!

kankstyle 3 years ago

Let's fuck. You know where I am.

Tor92 3 years ago

perfect ass ;D

hardarmy79 3 years ago

you need me to spank that perfect ass. damn I want you bad!

sarcanosic 3 years ago

@shynexoo follow sex story jewish dating picabo idaho

hardarmy79 3 years ago

I want to make your dreams cum true

rawrguy101 3 years ago

love u baby <3 where are u

big_lund92 3 years ago

amazing body

fatblock13 3 years ago

i would love to see u cutie :D

rawrguy101 3 years ago

hey baby ;) how are u cutie

Rashcroft 3 years ago


alrightythen 3 years ago

hey krystal you still want m,e to come stretch your ass out for you?

adonis897863 3 years ago

May I add you as a friend?

venkatkrishna 3 years ago

hi sexy ass

rawrguy101 3 years ago

sexy babe <3

rawrguy101 3 years ago

lets fck baby deep and hard ;)

alrightythen 3 years ago

hey still aching to come fuck you

FilthyGirl 3 years ago

mmm lovin the view, can I get in your panties and make you cum all over my fingers? xx

revolorio8 3 years ago

lucky person who is grabbing your ass and fucking you.. damn i would love fuck your pussy and cum in it. Also, I want to kiss all over your body and take a bite of your ass. I might take a couple bites lol

rawrguy101 3 years ago

sexy babe i want u ;)

rawrguy101 3 years ago

i got a video baby come check it out :)

bonobo12 3 years ago

hi beauty! add me to msn estilobonobo @ hotmail . com

revolorio8 3 years ago

Do you swallow cum?

yorkshire1979 3 years ago

sweet asscheeks,,

yorkshire1979 3 years ago

I wanna squirt in your tight asshole!!

revolorio8 3 years ago

mmm I would love to cum inside of you. I'm sure you have real tight pussy. I would lick and fuck your pussy. Then cum inside of you. maybe some day we could arrange for a cream pie if your interested.

revolorio8 3 years ago

I would gladly give it to you. As rough or fast you want inside of you. Are you into cream pie?

loves2perv 3 years ago

Love that delicious looking ass

BIG_JIM 3 years ago

where ya been?/

dirtyminded69 3 years ago

aye bitch!

lolsuplove 3 years ago

damn, that ass ;) love you krystal hah :D

hardarmy79 3 years ago

hey sexy. How are you tonight?

revolorio8 3 years ago

I c you like cream pies I can give u one if you want one

adamanon87 3 years ago

you are damn fine, there is no sexier ass anywhere in the world!

thesexorcist 3 years ago

you have a fantastic ass!

Phoenix425 3 years ago

I'm ready whenever you are ;) , I love your videos too btw

Phoenix425 3 years ago

Your ass is amazing ..I would love to introduce it to my cock

iceblue 3 years ago

nice ass :P

nikrozz 3 years ago

taste my cock with your pussy :)

madsen1983 3 years ago


nikrozz 3 years ago

i lvoe your vids, my cock is so hard, wet when i watching, i'd fuck your ass so hard and fast

madsen1983 3 years ago

very sexy vids hun keep it up try to add sound as well

jamesjacobn 3 years ago

i think were on the same page krystal ;)

bigfunwithjuan 3 years ago

that divine ass love to penetreate it

Hawk1234 3 years ago

Love your movies. So sexy, babe

jamesjacobn 3 years ago

very sexy vids hun keep it up try to add sound as well ;)

rawrguy101 3 years ago

check ur mail babe

Youngstud2200 3 years ago

I'll train you ;)

hard_one69 3 years ago

make another movie babe =) x

ChickMag 3 years ago


gingguy 3 years ago

hey check out my vids babe xxx

BIG_JIM 3 years ago

Daddy is disappointed

pparppar 3 years ago


Crass77 3 years ago

Long time no talk babe hope Alls well.

adonis289786 3 years ago

May I add you as a friend? ;-)

gingguy 3 years ago

ahhhhhhh im so fucking horny i want some guy or girl to fuck and come over my ginger cock xxx

nexxus6057 3 years ago

pleased to be your friend

nieok 3 years ago

love your videos can't wait for more

adonis289786 3 years ago

Why are you interested in men and women? Are you biseual? May I add you as a friend?

Crass77 3 years ago

Get over here so I can spread your ass open and tongue fuck your holes.

summers1234 3 years ago

Hey babe, nice ass, we should chat more

p0rnflakes 3 years ago

Nice Ass- should leave Europe more often :D

Marine96 3 years ago

I want you babe,

Sugar_Daddy 3 years ago

Sexy ! Come in France ! ^^

hardarmy79 3 years ago

loved the comment on one of the anal videos. Fuck I want to feel you sliding down my hard cock

carlo2011 3 years ago

Umberoma123 at hotmail . It msn?

newageman 3 years ago

you are fucking gorgeous! id love to get my hands on you :)

yourfucker69 3 years ago

the best ass on the world :)

scott0985 3 years ago


greeklover 3 years ago

ur so hot babe!!

BIG_JIM 3 years ago

Did I scare you sweetie?

Ahrimy 3 years ago

i would like play with you

ChickMag 3 years ago


BIG_JIM 3 years ago

Please stretch first. I'm gonna have you in positions that would make Gumby scream.

chris002 3 years ago

mmm sweetheart, can't wait too see those videos

BIG_JIM 3 years ago

message me so I can tell you how I want you

CaiubiPaulino 3 years ago

You're beautiful!
A delight to person,
already accepted
A wet kiss

Night-Rider 3 years ago

that some great ass !!

newageman 3 years ago

hey nice butt :)

Mal_Tay 3 years ago

Hey sexy! Thanks for adding me! If u wanna chat, I got msn, just send me your address ;)

smallbutfurious 3 years ago

loving the new pic babe

hard_one69 3 years ago

hot ass baby !

hornycok 3 years ago

i want to cam with you baby

gingguy 3 years ago

would love that ass on my chest while im licking your cunt out xx and would love it if you done a poo on me at the same time xx

gingguy 3 years ago

wow what a sexy ass xx

manonthemoon1 3 years ago


guigabra 3 years ago

gostosa d+

asiancockforyou 3 years ago

what an fuking ass... woukld love to eat your asshole and clean it out

gingguy 3 years ago

im sitting in my office and going to get my cock out and watch some porn and come all over my desk xx then lick it up xx

gingguy 3 years ago

your so sexy hun xxx

leatherrulez 3 years ago

when will you buy a pair of similar boots?

h_h_h 3 years ago

you have a great body!!

asweas2003 3 years ago

it is ready to get in..

asweas2003 3 years ago

great ass there..

bigfunwithjuan 3 years ago

would love too do all that you have an amazing ass wanna fuck you right now

Crass77 3 years ago

Be a good girl and ride my cock until I fill you with cum.

cumonurface 3 years ago

wanna fuck u rought

hard_one69 3 years ago


bigfunwithjuan 3 years ago

i wanna fucj your preety ass

daniel3586 3 years ago

where r u babe???

Crass77 3 years ago

Come on over here so I can slide this cock deep inside that pretty little pussy.

daniel3586 3 years ago

my dick is ready for u babe...

daniel3586 3 years ago

u look wonderful.ı wanna lick u

Mrlaw 3 years ago

look super hot baby

candylicker1 3 years ago

I'd love to eat that sweet pussy and lick that asshole

candylicker1 3 years ago

love to put some cock between thos pussy lips

candylicker1 3 years ago

very nice butt 2 lick

briannl25 3 years ago

wow sexy videos and pics babe keep up the good work!!!! xxx

Tepose 3 years ago

Amazing ass! Would love to spend some time getting to know it bettter. Kiss it, lick it, taste and enjoy it. Finger it, tease it.

Crass77 3 years ago

So glad you have your videos!

hengst 3 years ago

hey sweety you lock very hot you have a messenger??

diamondj 3 years ago

great pic babe! x

Silviu21 3 years ago

Happy new year baby, love your new vid, my cock would look so nice in those sweet holes

kawasakiguy92 3 years ago

nice asss babe!

Sperman 3 years ago

baby i wanna lick your pussy and then you sucking my cock and the end i full your mouth with hot cum.

sweetstallion03 3 years ago

Hey bitch, I want more pics of that ass.

crazychrisuk 3 years ago

hi, if you have m s n, please add me... c. d. ellis @ h o t m a i l . c o m xx

billy30 3 years ago

Nice butt!!!! :-)

smallbutfurious 3 years ago

beautiful ass babe let me know if your ever in winnipeg;)

hornyjames18 3 years ago

hey hun love the pic maybe we could chat somtime :)

Kronarchykays 3 years ago

Great loooking ass u got!

doortothe 3 years ago

I'd be more than happy to be your master ;)

Gusty22 3 years ago

ahhh so beautiful that ass :X:X:X

bigfunwithjuan 3 years ago

gladly your ass is so big love it

lovethesluts 3 years ago

pure filth amazing

ilovebender 3 years ago

wanna play whit me so ? :p

Dimitry 3 years ago

You can have *** cross the Atlantic *** not take the Titanic ;)

ChickMag 3 years ago


bigfunwithjuan 3 years ago

I want to fill the hole in your ass with my cream

consort 3 years ago

i'll cum in your ass, have you squat over my still-hard dick, let it drip out, then have you lick it off!

consort 3 years ago

Love your virgin ass, love to fuck it! Gonna lick it first, get it nice and wet.

ChickMag 3 years ago


bubble-juice 3 years ago

hi there, add me plz? Let's chat some time. Would love if you followed me on twitter as well twitter dot com / itsbubblejuice that would be real sweet. Chat soon, BJ xxx

coochieabuse 3 years ago

Ur too far ! XOXO

hornycok 3 years ago

come to me baby

theaimen 3 years ago

WoW what a fuckin hot sexi ass u have babe xx i want it xxx

hornycok 3 years ago

xxx i will ride u badly baby

hornycok 3 years ago

i want to use you baby badllyyy xxx

consort 3 years ago

I echo these comments - love your fantastic ass, love to pleasure you with my tongue, fingers, and throbbing cock!

hornycok 3 years ago

hey baby

coochieabuse 3 years ago

Ill take that sweet little ass-cherry ;)

Silviu21 3 years ago

hi baby :)

LongThing 3 years ago

wwoooooww you have a hot ass. i wanna see more ;)

jony_m 3 years ago

i want your ass!

madsen1983 3 years ago

YOU HAVE THE lovely big tits THEM I'd love to suck in and use your tits. Tits pussy / tits pussy / tits vagina and fuck your vagina / pussy / pussy's just so delicious BUT IT COULD BE MUCH MORE delicious with, my dick UP IN IT AND NO WHERE, I would love to Suck in your vagina / pussy / pussy

MisterUgly 3 years ago

id fuck your face so hard and let u lick me everywhere babygirll

MisterUgly 3 years ago

yumm id lovee to cum in your hottt ass and then lick it all out and spit it all into yur mouth ;)

LongThing 4 years ago

wow sexy ass :)

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