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maybe soon daddy xxx

Well I helped my friend. It is almost time 2 pack up the RV here in the 7 mountians, & head home to go back 2 sea work. I'll breack again in Febuary for my annual scuba vaction in the tropics. Maybe even some nude scuba.

Planning next years sexcation already!

I like the new Naked Dating show!

As we were doing it we could hear the other running around where we were. They didn't find us. So sad 4 them. now I'm home, ready 2 watch the season premier of "Naked & Afraid".

I hope you let us see you and your doll sometime ;)

Well got my Alpine Cruise a gassed up & serviced ready 2 hit the road sometime this week 4 my annual sexcation. Headed west this time 2 Nevada 2 check out a brothel I've been looking @ over the web. I'll change my city from abroad where ever I'm @. I'll B towing my small car 2. I have a bumper sticker that says Cash or Ass, no-1 rides 4 free.

Well I finally ran my "race". I didn't think it would happen, then it did. Then when I was running it I almost thought I'd wasn't going 2 win, but I did. It was hot, & then HOTT ;-)). Watching her run naked. When I got 2 her we did it on a mossy rock.

She is a runner 2 begin with. Should B quite a challange. Once or twice her & some other woman reversed it & chased down a man. Another time, when she was getting fucked someone saw them, but were abel 2 get away!

1 st 1 2 catch her (she says him & only him) gets 2 fuck her right there in the woods. She told me 1 time it was up against a tree, then another on a picnic table.

Met a woman In the winter that plays a game. A game where she & some other guys will strip down nude in the woods. They give her a 15 min. head start, then they also naked chase her.

I have friend that him & his family had some bad turn of events just after I left. So I will load up my RV & head 2 where they R. All is not lost though. I still will have a brief Sexcation here in PA.

Well, finally back Home Sweet Home. Have the rest of the summer off. I luv my job. Now I have recieved an E-mail that 4 reasons 1 or another I have 2 cancell my Sexcation aboard( it wasn't well planned well anyhow).

I hope so 2 baby, ;) with U?

Sexual History: High school-Virgin, after HS NAVY- didn't want 2 get anything I didn't go in with, Civilian-found a woman who I thought was the 1. Sex very conservative, almost non-existence. She leaves good riddance. Now on here chatting with women, & by use of the internet HOOKING-UP. Not from this site though, not YET!

Well soon time 2 go 2 work so I can B off all summer 4 my annual sexcation. Thinking of going 2 Thailand ,may be.

I'll keep that in mind MadisonKennedy!

I went 2 an all Asian brothel. Fantastic!!! Now to LA

Well My sexcation is sadly almost over. Then it is back 2 work. I had a 3 some with 2 lady truckers, Then the next morning the 1 wanted me 2 skull fuck her. I did. Now I'm getting ready 2 head 2 Nevada 4 a brothel, then 2 L A 2 order my sex real life doll. I also ordered a fleshlight. I think I will post me using it.

Saw the best scenery I saw yet. Follow a biker & his babe down the highway. I noticed that her Ass-crack was hanging outa good 2". She had a great ass! They were going my way 4 about 112miles B-4 they turned off,LOL

Well been on the road 4 almost a month. I,ve been hitting the nude resorts & camping grounds. Had 2 sexual encounters @ them, & 1 blow job from a woman hitchhiker, so her & her friends could get a ride. What I like the most is the freedom from the nudist resorts. Nothing like walking, swimming, or jogging outside while wearing nothing but a smile

Also went 2 a wedding & reception Caught the garter & played a game with the girl who caught the bouquet. Long story short she was a blonde 4' 10" with big boobs( that was the only thing that was big on her). Went 2 her motel that evening and had great sex. She was light enough 4 me 2 pick her up and fuck standing up. That was so hot 2C those ti

I just noticed some parts gor deleted. He asked her why she wanted to watch. Back to the story. He looked at her and said( this is what I say) I always lick it before I stick it in!

"Because " she replied"I think that will tell me how good you are in bed". If you jam it in that means you are to forceful and I don't like that. If you don't get it inon the first try that means you are inexpericed and not a good lover". So as they approached his door, he took out his keys and licked the keyhole. He looked at her an

Heard a joke the other day. Kind of corney but best descrides me. See if I can fit it all in. A man and a woman went on a blind date set up by a mutal friend. The date was going well, and they were really hitting it off. When the date was almost over the woamn said " Can I watch you open your front door?" " Why yes" said the man. "

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