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been *** u been?

savage73 3 years ago

lets try again...i'm not a female. i cannot edit my info. pisses me off,still!!!

savage73 3 years ago

im not a *** let me edit. pisses me off!!!


i sit down when i have to, but yes, u need to hold on with BOTH hands !!

snip snip smile


u wanna watch 2 girls rip each other's clothes off ?

i'm happy u r hungry !!

savage73 3 years ago

im not a female

rev up the engines !!

it all starts with a little wink :)

"hi to me sugar tush". there, i said it. LOL

wassup ?

savage73 3 years ago

stupid profile wont let me change the gender. I am a DUDE!!!!

oh, but "little head" would beg "big head" to let him go in & explore

it's called "buried" treasure because u "bury" your face (and cock) in it

what is it u want to ZOOM in on ??

what's that?...a wink from a brown eye ?

just saying "hi" back at ya !!

we'll take turns riding the rocket !!

can Minnie come too?

sure, why not ?

well, u have seen about ALL of me !!

sorry, i can't help it

once u start, don't EVER stop !!

spreadin' ready !!

nibble nibble !!

i guess u like a nice sweet ass to grab ?

make sure to cover it all !!

i never brag, i perform

muuaahh !!

sex IS a great workout !!

maybe because i go to school, say my prayers, & take my vitamins !!*** , i'm just funnin' with u hun !!*** for the compliment

well, bring it on over !!

so, is that a rocket in your pocket ?

u r a smooooth talker !!

u know how to make a girl blush !!

ty 4 the compliment hun !!

savage73 3 years ago

im a guy

savage73 3 years ago

f e m a l e

savage73 3 years ago

im not a *** wont let me change it

savage73 3 years ago

say hi

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