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Just added ya. :) Do you have your fashion work online anywhere? Love to see it. Happy New Year!

imm finna tear that ass up when she gets here mabey ill make a vid n show u how the champ does it the bitch listen to me in the sack or she get smacked im rough cuz im the fuckin man lmao make a bitch get on her knees n choke on big as dick lmao yaa all u freaky bitches like it lmaaoo im out fuck this

buttt its most likely shes some dude or some chick who aint gotta life thats fuckin w u dudes or some pathetic asshole who wants attention and yall feed into the bull shit i hope anyone who reads this gets what im sayin shitt ima go watch me some sexy girls makin each others pussy squirt while i wait for this chick to get here aite keeo it in mind andd

yoo these comments geek me the fuck outt yo all u guys are portrayin ya selves as suckas foreal lol go out, grow a sack and talk to a woman shitt all yall probly done bust 100000 nuts on yaself shit man there a small chance this girl is who she says she is if its even a girl lol if u r my apologies and yaa id tear that ass up to next sunday w a cherry on top

Hey izzy how you been?

Ughh... Things are BAD!! Had some last min modeling stuff to handle and didnt have my phine now everyone is upset at me and i didnt do anything at all.. i didnt meant to hurt u guys ;((

any room for girls?

OOOh he told me 2 to u guys to Fuck Off

Hiii Izabella is no longer single Srry!! But i really luv him!! Luv u Baby!!<3

im sick of going to sleep alone at night

i really need somebody 2 luv

i know who she's talking about , hey fellas get lost this angel is her own free spirit :]

well i dont know you that well but i try and make you feel good about yourself and yuo know i love you izzy :)

i think i found my guy we had some bumps in the road but he is the one.. its like he showed me that he could and would luv me 4 who i am and no becuz im so rich and all that like its crazy how much he apperciates me for me unlike other guys if u know who im taking about comment <3

You actually like? ;)

greetings from Morgazm

(spanks izzy's butt)

i did. on my skin!

Yea Sure u did Morgazm

i told him to say that

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe thanks <3

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeee Thanks ;) @hottestmatt

Lmfaoo Yupp and looking for my number 1 too

hot girl wanna have some fun

SINGLEEE!!!!! I am walking down the single road AGAIN!! :( hoping not 4 long though

shits scandalous dog this shit is straight getting scandalous homie

Lmafoo I Dont Know @ moose19

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey.. Guys SexyIzzy met be qutting RedTube 4 alittle while Ok comment on how u feel about that

yup im done here on Redtube i found my guy and if ur him i will leave my number in ur inbox so u can call me or txt me whenever


just stop im leaving redtube!!

First off i aint ur bro or ur dog or what ever the fuck u call me! Second yea im mad because u keep talking to my gf and she clearly doesnt like it! So yea im mad u dumb fuck congrats for realizing :)

alright dude ur a real bitch for real what part of her being my gf do u not understand? She wants nothing to do with u and please leave her alone!!! Like i said b4 if u wanna say something ask me and leave my gf out of it what kinda pussy talks shit to a girl anyway? His name is morgazm :)

izabella. sex tonight? my house?

fuck it. check out my comment page yo. best idea yet. fuck it

mannn whiteboy you're stinkin' up my flawless comment page with that attitude bro lol the reason i just straight up commentedf your shit is becuz you didn't have any cute untouchable comments from hot chicks dogg but as you can see on my page there are girlies who don't like the vibe your puttin out on my comment page dog would you not do that anymore? thanx

whiteboy you got a comment on ur page dog.

happy birfday izzy :(

Aww thanks baby i do love u <3 So guys i dont mind if u talk to her and r friends but me and her love eachother and id like u to stop spreading rumors about her :)

asked me what am i up to and how is my day going like he does and he tells me very single day that i mean the world to him and he hopes that we can be together unlike other people if u 2 guys stop talking to me its ok but at least i know that i let out how i feel about this whole thing

u kno wht i now morgazm and jakelad both luv me but i have one person that knows everything about me and he is always there 4 me and his name is WhiteBoy21 unlike u guys he understands me im not trying u hurt anyone but i cant tell morgazm something with jake lad getting mad and only WhiteBoy21 knew that 2day was my birthday and none else becuz no one

lol thats what's up white boy lol but FYI me n izzy are in love 4 REAL no fake shit bro it's real with us sooo. just saying man. she's myyy lady ! but it's cute that you think you and her have somethin special, whiteboy.

Damn u all need to fuck off for real!!! Me and izzy got something going and we r in love :) i dont appriciate u guys fighting over my lady!

:) yay i feel better now. how are you feeling, darling?

allow me to shed some light here: izzy is very important to me, not you guy. she and I have an understanding that you would never be able to comprehend. so please mind your own business before this gets ugly. and to clarify, nuts = a metaphor for being all over her like white on rice; dude quit spammin' my girlfriend's comment page and get a life

what im not a shemale

umm ok guys i think u both should calm down plz 4 me

jake-lad you best get off my girlfriend's nuts

yeah i should re-phrase that. dear everybody if you want to make love to my girlfriend then I will fight you

wait soo when we dont talk or have sex anymore (even though we're not now) THEN im going to be ur sloppy seconds ooo really thats how it is......:/

LMFAOOO!! @Morgazm

dear everybody. me + izzy are going strong and if you want my sloppy seconds then you'll have to wait

i need all the dirty men on my page so we can talk dirty all night i want someone who will make my pussy wet and their cock hard..... Is that someone u?

i need all the dirty men on my page so we can talk dirty all night i want someone who will make my pussy wet and their cock hard..... Is that someone u?

Who thinks izabella is SEXY??? ;*

baby i want to fuck ur pussy

im looking for someone that will want to talk dirty right now!!!

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