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rapine 5 months ago

I only accept after to see photos. If I like it, of course.

rapine 7 months ago

Yes, it's me. All photos in my album are mine.


h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ?v=6v-kV37R_Y8

This is my boyfriend's video. He's an artist and musician. I am posting the link because I think all women should see his video. It is awesome! The song itself is fantastic but now that the video is out, it's simply the coolest thing I've seen.

thanks for your comment babe

Silviu21 3 years ago


im straight only added, to chat with the girls on ur profile

spyr1o 3 years ago

nice pic ;)

so hard as i ***

u sooo sweeet darlong:* i wannt it all:*

hey i am also straight i am just asking for frienship to find some hot real babes in your country during my visit to romania; add me and lets talk

Silviu21 3 years ago

none to talk with....

Silviu21 3 years ago

Morning everyone :)

Silviu21 3 years ago

good night everyone

*** hard:*

you will hear my screams honey... but then, you'll enjoy when I take your dick in my mouth with your balls...

dormeza 3 years ago


my pussy miss u too darling.. :* love ur big fat dick.. wanna suck it..

Silviu21 3 years ago

Merry Christmass to everyone may God bless you all and your whole famillys and maybe you girls wanna sing together at my xmas tree hehe :) he is almost always hard for you all.

oh yeah.. you know that i want fuck to u.

i want ur cock so hard in my wet pussy...

sorry I've been gone for so long hunny

Silviu21 3 years ago

bah video not work and was 2 of em -_-

Silviu21 3 years ago

ugh i try upload some videos hope they work! :) keep checking ladys

oh babe.. you make me so crazy

my ass is waiting for you, fuck her roughly.... fast and slow, but long time.... then I am deeply stick your dick in my throat...

mmmm... my pussy so weeet.. I'll play my mouth with your balls, suck them..

you make me horny, you know?!


yes plz ;-P

hey babe... im acc u :* thanks for your comments. i love guys like you.

ok i msged you

yes *** sure

*** ds so good

i would love to

te las numa daca ma lasi si tu sa iti sug pula :*

I wouldn't mind being fucked doggy style either. ;)

Sure is baby. I'm glad you like what you see.

Silviu21 3 years ago

hope you all enjoy my new picture

Mmmm fuck yea ;)

mmmmm;-) i love watching boys jack offf. xx

Maybe, :-P x

I need you on msn baby, I'm so horny my wet tight pussy needs your cock only

I don't do pics or webcam/skype, would you mind just chatting on msn baby?

hey there hunny, where've you been? I miss you and your thick cock

I dont do pics/webcam but I'll add you to talk baby

5 times ? You're an animal dear ;) (For skype, look my info.)

mmmm feels so good, keep licking my pussy and tickle my clit with your tongue baby, you're making me so wet

Hi Dude. Yes, I'd love to suck your cock deep and receive all your cum in my throat... ;)

my pussy is always wet for your juicy cock *** to you soon hunny, goodnight

and yah baby cumm for me hard and spread it all over my body. hunny I'm so wet about to drip come lick it up

only 19 I have a bf

keeping calling me baby it gets me so hot and wet

fuckin rub the shit out of him til you cum hard thinking bout fuckin me so hard with your juicy cock til i scream. we'll stay doggy while you slap my ass til its red and grab my hips so hard, give my ass a real pounding.

sorry hunny, my fun stays on here. but keep rubbing that sexy cock knowing that my pussy wants it

that sounds delicious, yummm. I'd let you fuck my ass any time and play and suck on my tits and slap my ass. you can do anything to me with that thick cock. I wanna suck it so badly and have you fuck me *** thought gets me wet

yumm I love a hard dick, I'd suck on it til you cum all over me or you can just fuck me all you want in any way

I wuld love your fat cock in me, I get wet just thinkin bout it ;) fuck me silly any day boy

Boobsxx 4 years ago

Fuck me can u post a better pic of u and ur big cock ?? <3

yeah, fuck me and slam me baby

mmmm you can do whatever you want to be baby xxxx :P

What do you want for your birthday. You can have whatever you want from me... My ass, my pussy, my throat. Just take it with that big cock of yours. and Happy Birthday ;)

Silviu21 4 years ago

Happy B-day to me.

mm yea.. I want that dick in my hole

Think you are a bit too far away for Gangbang in UK hun

Hi dirty whore... kisses in that tasty cock

I'll try... if it doesn't work, I don't know. I'm getting emails from a lot of people

Oi, I emailed you before, and you never replied! You owe me something big for that!!

I bet I could make you cum again baby. I'd love to see more of you.

Sounds good baby. You got any more pics you can email me? I might have some for you too.

Sure hottie, what do you wanna do ;)

you can do whatever you want to me

Ha, yes, it's really me. :)

i get soo wet from your comments (;

mmm ide love you to do that baby

Oh, fuck my tight little pussy, cum in my tight little hole. Fuck it!!

Just fuck me hard and show me you want me.

ooo yes pls tell me how i respond a private message???

Thanks for the invite but you are not what we are looking for, sorry ....

only if you promise to fuck all my holes

Boobsxx 4 years ago

Lick my pussy till i cum mmm

Boobsxx 4 years ago

I'll suck ur cock till u cumm and u fuck me till i cum in my sexy pussy .

i will suck your hardd cock boyy (;

yes all me you like

Silviu21 4 years ago

new pic :P

i have all of the above :) which do you prefer?

thanks ;)

Silviu21 4 years ago

any want to suck my hard cock?

hunter8 4 years ago

wanna talk

hunter8 4 years ago

hello babe

Thanks! Thanks for the add!

Silviu21 4 years ago

I am soooooo hard again .......

Add me on skype sigh-likenow

phatcat 4 years ago

shes loving your mouth

hunter8 4 years ago

send me a pic

phatcat 4 years ago

and i want u too

hunter8 4 years ago

ill suck if u got a big cock show me it :)

Silviu21 4 years ago

any wanna suck me?

Silviu21 4 years ago

I am sooooo hard !!!

phatcat 4 years ago

as many as u want me to baby

phatcat 4 years ago

damn baby i want your dick inside of me now im sittin here now playin in this wet pussy

phatcat 4 years ago

come on baby i know u can go deepetr then that i want to feel all of you i want you to fuck me so good that my pussy goes num

phatcat 4 years ago

and i really want your dick inside of me fucking me hard and as long as you want

Mmmm U wanna fuck me from behind?

Silviu21 4 years ago

My skype name is : bodi.silviu.constantin.valentin *** be 2, chose the one with valentin in it

phatcat 4 years ago

i want you to catch the cum on your tongue

phatcat 4 years ago

whatever you want the pussy is your toy i want you to play with it make it cum make it do what u want it to do

phatcat 4 years ago

cum cum hmmmmmmm

I wish u could eat me

Thank you! And I will be adding more soon..

rd05250 4 years ago

lol- no prob. She IS hotter than the blazes of hell isn't she

phatcat 4 years ago

u sure can

Hello there.... :)

Silviu21 4 years ago

sended you babe!

hey babe my skype is jodie455

i want you inside me now !!! ;) xxx

thanks for the add sweetie ;)

Silviu21 4 years ago

i do wanna fuck, and make every girl to trow tears of so much pleasure mmmmm

Melyne 4 years ago

Wanna fuck? I want.

fuck me really good then ;)

Silviu21 4 years ago

all who wanna add me name : will be 2....chose the one with valentin included aswell

would you really now? I would let you. Come eat me ;)

Silviu21 4 years ago

it's yours sweety :)

i'll suck your dick.

mmmmm:$ i like! i want to fuuuuuuuckkkkk with you NOWWW! baby!:$

boytoy 4 years ago

co . nz

boytoy 4 years ago

boytoy69 @ hotmail . co . nz add me x

Silviu21 4 years ago

add me then sweety on yahoo

mmmm...... i cant wait baby!:$

Silviu21 4 years ago

oh i would so love to eat you and not only ^^

yes eat me:$


hey:) thxs for the add;)<3

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