Newest Anal Masturbation Videos (10,915)

While anal masturbation is commonly associated with male homosexuality, in recent times it has become more and more widespread for women to experiment with the concept and for more and more couples to incorporate it into their sexual register. For men it can serve to both intensify orgasms while penetrating their partner as well as lead to orgasms in itself. For women the same things can be true, although only very few women can achieve orgasms by rectal stimulation alone. Additional clitoral or vaginal masturbation or stimulation, however, can lead to intensified and prolonged orgasms.
So much for theory, but how should one best embark on the long journey of anal bliss? Well, for one, you could find yourself a partner who is really into experimenting. Next to you can watch one of our many videos that show you solo girls letting buttplugs, dildos and anal beads of all sizes vanish in all sorts of horny holes. Next you can try it yourself. Go on, don’t be shy. Finally you could head over to our community page and check out all the user submitted videos and pictures and find yourself in good company. Our uses submit fresh footage of hot bondage scenes with exciting sphincter action every day. Anal masturbation videos for everyone.