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While most people would tell you that the bikini was an invention by a French engineer in the 1940’s who named it after an atoll where some nuclear testing had been conducted a few weeks earlier, the basic idea and use of fabrics in such a way goes back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. But really now, what do we know about such things. We aren’t historians (not that we wouldn’t welcome scholars to our site!), we just care about the beautiful things this re-invention has brought us: Swimsuit catalogs, Sports Illustrated special editions and countless awesome calendars. Yes, we are grateful for that.
From candid galleries, outdoor videos and exciting candids in public in our user section, to artfully crafted pool sex scenes with the hottest stars in porn today, RedTube once again delivers in stunning fashion. Enjoy Russian teens as they expose their lithe bodies to the summer sun, or lean back and pleasure yourself to the great images of west coast adult actresses presenting their full curves to their fans. Oiled up, freshly waxed and mesmerizing, these sluts will do anything for the camera. And if you are a fan of tan lines then don’t look any further, we go that covered, too. The best bikini scenes of the business with the sexiest bodies - from oriental to Caucasian - right here on RedTube.