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Sexual orientation is never set in stone. Things like bisexuality or homosexuality aren’t things you decide on when you’re 16, and then stay on that track until you die. It’s also not something you do for a couple of years and then revert back to whatever it was you were fucking before. And it is certainly not about gender per se, but rather about the people in question. Who cares about what you were doing before you met the one, if he or she is the right one for you and turns you on, then so be it. Sexuality is not a matter of politics or religion. It certainly is not anybody’s business but your own. And that of your partner of course. Experiment, try new things, savour all the aspects different sexes have to offer. Do not adhere to archetypes or old restrictions, do your own thing. Life is too short not to do what makes you or others happy. Who should judge you? Certainly not us, that’s for sure. And that is why RedTube serves you selected videos featuring all the colorful - brunette or black hair - and diverse variations - big cocks inside tiny shemales - of bisexual play. Ladies with strap-ons, chain penetrations or roleplay, group sex or romantic 1on1’s, you can find it all right here.