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Oh those romantic nights, a small room filled with the static flicker of a paused videotape, stopped right at the best moment when Kim Basinger bends over. Or the hypnotic qualities of Angelina Jolie’s breasts as she is standing topless in a doorway. Celebrities are popular targets for people’s sexual fantasies, and nowadays you can’t browse the internet for five minutes without seeing some link to somebody’s apparently important and allegedly scandalous sex tape or party clip. And then you have to follow link after link, swat pop-unders and pop-ups away from your screen for what seems hours, or watch gruesome ads that you can’t close unless you want to do it all over again. And then the clip is some low resolution bullshit that can’t even be paused or otherwise manipulated without spawning another set of ads.
So RedTube turns out to be your best bet once again. We host tons of celebrity material, be it scenes from movies or candid footage. We also host hundreds of galleries from old magazines, special photo shoots and more. All of it just a click away. And our user community proves to be top notch among pornsites, unearthing gems seemingly lost in the past years every day anew. So don’t lose any time and head over there!