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Why would anyone watch a compilation? Well, still images can be deceiving, especially in this day and age and photoshop being so common, oh so very common. Sometimes that girl’s boobs aren’t so big after all. Sometimes that stud’s load wasn’t that huge. And sometimes you are conjuring that image in your mind but you can’t place it. Your wankbank lost its index card so to speak. RedTube’s compilation videos are there to help. If you are not sure a certain movie is worth it or featured a specific scene - simply check one of our vids. You see, the best thing about these best of videos on RedTube is that they are mostly submitted by other users. Users like you, users that know what’s what. They can be a collection of actors and actresses, or of a certain type of sex act. They can be anything. From squirting best-ofs to cfnm scenes, from double penetration scenes to threesome collections. They can be a tribute to one of the greats in the business, made in love or nostalgia. They can be an awesome way of getting into the right mood, they can be the perfect tease or the perfect last click of the night. Don’t think too hard about why people post compilations, take them for what they are, a simple but effective way of saving you some time.