Dani Daniels finally cums to the dark side with her first ever interracial scene! Blacked.com presents DEEPER

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Yes, we know the internet is serious business. Internet porn therefore must be serious, too. But maybe it ain’t. Maybe the fun things in life can actually be funny. Maybe all those super serious types, with their demands, their so called ‘standards’ and whatever else they wish to pitch you can just go away and bother someone else. Maybe a good blooper is all you need to prove to yourself that those pros, those super styled and mega glamorous models, are all just people like you and me. Maybe a bit prettier, but certainly not any less clumsy. Or weird. It’s not everyday you can watch someone rail a blonde secretary from behind while talking like Schwarzenegger. Just imagine the behind the scenes banter. And why not pleasure yourself with a vacuum cleaner, or swap cum with a midget girl. People have done worse I’m sure. Clowns fucking some girl in a barn is fine, trust me. Still better than them killing your dad. And who said porn can’t be funny? We make can make fun of anyone and anything. Parodies exist for a reason, so why should porn not be a parody as well?