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There is something about glasses that served to elevate them from a simple reading aid to a sexual type. Maybe it’s the visual effect they have on the beholder, maybe it’s the way they can pronounce cheekbones or eyes of somebody. All we know is that some girls can go from awesome and hot to bombshell just by wearing glasses. It was only a matter of time until porn would pick up on that. And boy they did. Whoever had the idea of directing a cumshot to be done onto a pair of glasses is a damn genius. Seriously. And if the girl afterwards had the presence of mind to lick that shit off her glasses right that moment, then she should be given a Nobel Prize, or an Oscar. Or give her her own realm to rule. Because no matter how that first scene came to be, it sure has been copied and is being emulated all across the globe multiple times a week. And if you doubt my words then just head over to our community portal, where hundreds of amateur couples in all sorts of costumes and locations are recording cum-glazed glasses every day. And we are totally fine with that.