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Every man remembers the first time he pitched a tent. We are not talking wet dreams here, we are talking proper visual stimulation, interpreted by the prehistoric, basic part of your brain causing all sorts of things in your body. For me it was a set of high-heels. They of course were on the end of a set of the best legs I had ever seen, clad in a pair of black stockings that ended under a gray pencil skirt. It wasn’t just the way the stilettos resounded on the concrete near the table I was sitting at, nor was it the shapely calves below a perfect ass. No it was all of these things together, something so entirely feminine my brain didn’t know how to handle it. So it told my body to pitch a tent. Oh well, I had weirder dates.
Nowadays shoes can play a big role in porn productions. They can be silent accessory or protagonistic fetish object. No matter the context, they always serve to make the scene more exciting. Do the high-heels stay on during the fucking? Awesome. Are they being taken off slowly or ripped off wildly mid-hump? Awesome. It’s win-win, the typical RedTube scenario.