Newest Kissing Videos (5,462)

Too many porn clips nowadays jump straight into the action without enough foreplay. Or without any other interaction between the actors other than the rumping itself. We know that on a technical level sex is nothing more than mucous membranes and friction. And most people looking for porn on the internet would say that kissing is more of an element in lesbian porn. But does it have to be that way? Is there no place for some gentle pecks, some mouth to mouth action?
We believe there is. Welcome to the RedTube kissing initiative - the best erotica on the internet that still takes its time and still shows hot couples sharing some intimate smooching before getting down to it. The most stunning clips of the sexiest girls making out. And I know you will interrupt me here and claim that professional models couldn’t possibly show all these things, with cameras and lights pointed at their naughty bits and countless people standing around watching. Well, we got you covered nonetheless. Head over to our community portal and enjoy some real intimacy with our countless videos and galleries showing real people kissing and caressing each other. Such an introduction makes everything following it just more intense, especially blowjobs and swallowing, wouldn’t you agree?