Newest Muscular Videos (814)

So this is one for your ladies. We know that a sexy stomach and broad and toned shoulders can do to the knees and crotch of the fair gender, and we wouldn’t be RedTube if we wouldn’t provide our dear user base with all kinds of porn videos.
Muscles, tattoos and a full head of hair are pretty much epitomizing the modern day requirement for modern day porn actors. And while an athletic, muscular body certainly helps in many aspects, like POV shots or glamour films, we should at least notice that porn has got to fulfill certain stereotypes in order to stay attractive. It’s not the job of porn movies to reflect reality, merely to enhance it and provide food for thought and fantasy. So don’t go off yelling at your boyfriend for not spending all day at the gym.
And of course we haven’t forgotten about the rest of you. So if you sometimes find yourself taking in the physicality of the male actor in a scene, then look out for any videos that might come along your way bearing this tag. This is our tribute to the other hardworking side in porn, because we know just how much effort it takes to look like you were carved from one solid slab of stone, emerging from a pool like some greek hero. And you know who the girls look for when watching your scenes, don’t you? RedTube - a salute to the muscular guys out there.