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We suppose most of our dear users work in an office. Just an observation, we might be wrong of course. If that’s the case, do you guys happen to have female coworkers? And maybe a small cabinet somewhere, where the copy machine and the supplies are being stored? How many times a day do you fantasize about shooting a glance over that desk? Your eyes meet, she stands up with a sheet in her hand and you can hear her heels down the hallway. Of course you follow her. You’re a hunter after all. Think of it as the blue collar mile high club. Consensual of course.
And naturally the porn business has adapted to the tastes of modern day males. Now most people wouldn’t call the workplace the most exciting scenery for titillating porn, but we at RedTube politely disagree. The sheer amount of footage we host speaks volumes. That and the fact that office scenes need quite a bit of skill by the actors to come off as sufficiently authentic. So enjoy some of the best sex scenes in history with breathtaking models right here in your browser window. Or join our community for sexy webcam submissions straight from the workplace. Your choice.