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Man is drawn to nature, no matter how many years we spent advancing our civilization. You can pour all the money you got into your perfect house - sooner or later you want to get outdoors, breathe some fresh air, feel the earth under your feet. The sun on your skin, the wind in your hair. Or something along those lines. While open air scenes are technically more difficult to shoot and usually put more strain on the actors the results are luckily almost always stunning and memorable. Sometimes one good scene shot outdoors can change entire careers.
RedTube knows about the aesthetics of outside shoots, and we collected hundreds of hours of footage consisting of high quality scenes just for our users. We serve pornstars from across the world in natural light, performing high quality sex scenes that will leave you breathless and craving for more. Ebony bodies glistening in the afternoon sun, or Caucasian complexions taking on new shades in brilliant sunlight, all of this plenty to feast your eyes on. Oh and let’s not forget about our awesome user submissions, hours of sexy couples fucking in public and galleries filled to the brim with outdoor candids. You guys are really something. Who knew you could fuck on a car roof in the middle of a hot summer day without dying from heat stroke, or use a weirdly shaped turnip for anal masturbation. Bit shaky camera work there, but other than that truly outstanding. We appreciate the outdoor action, we really do.