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Newest Piercings Videos (7,978)

Piercings are, much like tattoos, a form of self expression and style. They are as much a fashion statement as they are a way to a discover parts of yourself you didn’t know before. And they are as old as human civilization itself. But why are we so inclined to adorn our bodies with these trinkets, why do we wear them in our ears, navels, tongues, lips, clit-hoods, glans, nipples and so many other body parts? We don’t know. But we know that some piercings can be really hot. Proper boner inducing hot. Much as tattoos they are not worn by the socially restricted, erotically conservative women. They are worn by women proud of their bodies, women who know that a small ring in the right place can make loads of difference. Women who enjoy some additional stimulation. Women who are simply better lovers. Yes we said it.
Go and find yourself a girl with a tongue piercing and have her give you some head. You will love it. Not simply because of the piercing, but because of the woman wearing it. Go play with some pierced nipples. You will both enjoy it more. And go check out our pierced beauties here on RedTube. You will not be disappointed.