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How to be romantic. Who doesn’t ask this question at least once in their lives. How to seduce the significant other. How to ensure you both feel safe and loved. How to be comfortable with your own sexuality. How can I let her know what I like without acting like a freak. What can I do to please him, or make him enjoy it more. Relax, you're not the first to ask these questions, and you won’t be the last. You don’t need the body of a pornstar to have sex like one. You don’t need to bend your legs behind your own head to be a good lover. You don’t need to be hung like a horse to please your woman. The most important thing, no, the only thing you need is passion. Let your passion for it all guide you, and only bridle it with the love you have for the other one, and romantic moments will come soon enough. Be gentle with your significant other. Try out massages, spend enough time with foreplay and kissing, spice things up with some sexy lingerie perhaps. And of course a sense of humor is important, too. Sometimes things can get from steamy to funny fast. We’re speaking from experience here. And in case you need some inspirational material, something to get your juices flowing so to speak, then simply click on one of our romantic videos, where our models lay it all bare for you. RedTube - we look out for you.