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Spanking somebody as a sexual act is a curious thing. For one it’s something even the Victorian Era people could get behind. And then there is of course the line between slapping or smacking your lover’s behind while you are doing it or really isolate the act and make it part of your foreplay, or even the entire act itself. Even the kama sutra mentions spanking as a good method of inflicting pain upon your partner, which in turn should be embraced as an aphrodisiac. Who knew.
Here on RedTube you don’t have to care about the historical connotations of such things. We are just here to serve you some of the sexiest clips of female - or male - cheeks being smacked with bare hands, paddles or whips. Be it right in the middle of some sensational fucking or as part of sensual foreplay, you are bound to find a clip to your liking. Browsing our archives you will come across countless clips of gentle punishment incorporated into the scene. You will find clips of full blown domination, with men and women flogging their submissive partners in bondage until cheeks are blushing everywhere. You will find galleries and pix of our lovely amateurs of all nationalities. And we have all kinds of asses, too. Skinny asses, plump asses. We got all the humps. So let us show you everything there is when it comes to erotic spanking and enjoy the ride.