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Yes we know, nowadays every girl round the corner is wearing ink. On the internet you can’t browse three pages without seeing a girl showing off her tattoos. Once a symbol of rebellion, now so mainstream even hipsters regret theirs by now. Even celebrities carry ink now, trying to make some more appearances in the tabloids to prolong their fifteen minutes of fame. But what makes a good tattoo so damn irresistible on a girl? Well, could be the fact that those damn curves are even better with some ornament to them. Maybe that fine piece of ass is just asking for some additional decor, maybe some nice lingerie perhaps. Even the best kind of cake get better with some icing on it. And let’s be honest, aren’t most of those girl way more wild in bed? Who doesn’t dream of being the man to tame such a wild creature. And the pillow talk is awesome, too. First you tap that ass, then you let her tell you what those tats mean. Perfect lover material right there. So we think it’s best you go and check out our amazing videos we have gathered over the months, featuring only the hottest pornsluts wearing ink. Shaven or hairy, with all these additional adornments you will never look at vagina the same way again. And you should, of course, check out our user submissions, with the sluttiest amateur girls sporting great tattoos commit slutty sex acts in the car, outdoors or in public. And the same goes for our male users, especially our creative and daring gay couples out there. RedTube salutes you!